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Mac Dre Hotta Den Steam Lyrics

Last updated: 06/24/2012 12:00:00 PM

Yo Yo Let Me Get This Shit Started Mayne
Get Diz Shit Started Mayne
If Diz Gone Be A Party Mayne Let Me Get Diz Shit Started Mayne
Get Da Party Startde Mayne
Yadadamean? Yadadamean
Pass Da Boila Maker
And Da Toilet Paper
I'm Shittin On Foos Doped Like A Quarter Caker
Or A Acre Not A Celtic Or A Laker
I'm A King Find Me Flowin With A Mouth Full Of Bling
In Somthin Clean Doin My Thing
Nigga Wat U Mean I'm A Legend Like Kareem
Abduol Jabbar I Screwed Your Brod
Snaked U 42 Faked U
Oops Skooled U Boi
Whos Yo Boi Hes Better Off Dead
Let Dat Cat Kno Hiz In Over His Head
Wat He Ain't Kno
I'm Mafia Nigga Got A Nation Of Thugz Dat I'll Die Fo A Nigga
Ride Fo Ya Nigga
But I Need No Man
U Wanna Tangle Com'on Nigga We Gone Dance
I Do Da Thizzle Wiggle Right On Yo Face
Den Thro U In Da Trunk With Da Bump & Da Bass

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