Hot Water Music Albums

  • Split Album With Leatherface Album
    Andy - Leatherface
    Eat Her Face - Leatherface
    Wax Lyrical - Leatherface
    Punch (Drunk) - Leatherface
    Deep Green Beautiful Leveling - Leatherface
    Gang Party - Leatherface
    Caught Up - Hot Water Music
    Wrong And Righteous - Hot Water Music
    Take It As It Comes - Hot Water Music
    Dead End Streets - Hot Water Music
    Bitter End - Hot Water Music

  • Push For Coin Album
    Sound For Language
    Us & Chuck

  • The New What Next Album (9/21/2004)
    The End Of The Line
    All Heads Down
    My Little Monkey Wrench
    Under Everything
    There Are Already Roses
    Keep It Together
    The Ebb And Flow
    Bottomless Seas
    Ink And Lead
    This Early Grave

  • Caution Album (10/8/2002)
    Trusty Chords
    I Was on a Mountain
    One Step to Slip
    It's All Related
    The Sense
    Not for Anyone
    Sweet Disasters
    Alright for Now
    We'll Say Anything We Want
    The End

  • Alkaline Trio - Hot Water Music Split [EP] Album (8/30/2002)
  • A Flight and a Crash Album (6/5/2001)
  • Moonpies for Misfits Album (7/19/1999)
  • No Division Album (6/1/1999)
  • Fuel for the Hate Game Album (10/19/1998)
  • Pure [EP] Album (8/30/1998)
  • Finding the Rhythms Album (11/25/1997)
  • Forever and Counting Album (10/28/1997)
  • Hot Water Music Album (8/30/1995)

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