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Bright Eyes Hot Knives Lyrics

Last updated: 07/03/2011 11:00:00 AM

The Wife forgave the Mistress for she only entertained
The pain was gone the instant she cleared her throat to speak her name
Said, "Both of us must suffer from the same unending ache"

The world was not of interest though her days were never dull
Her bed beneath a crucifix on guests performing miracles
With the Son of God just hanging like a common criminal
When I do wrong I am with God, she thought
When I feel lost I am not at all

So give me Black Light (Give Give me)
So give me Hot Knives (Deep Clean sleep)
On a dance floor no one tells time (There is no time)

Oh, I've made love, yeah, I've been fucked, so what?
I'm a cartoon, you're a full moon, let's stay up

She went to see a Mystic who made medicine from rain
And gave up her existence to feel everything, dream others' dreams
Bid farewell to her family with one ecstatic wave (Please take care I love you all)
Out the window as the car rolled away
She just vanished into a thick mist of change

So let us rejoice (Let's Rejoice!)
In all this Pink Noise (Out Pink Noise!)
An oscillation that we can pin point (We're right here!)

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@ phoebe and hailey | Reviewer: mikayla | 7/2/11

Actually no one would riot for less is on cassadaga. I actually hate the instrumentation for that album. Idk, I get a country sounding vibe from it that I don't like, but the lyrics sucked me in because they are so profound. Now, the instrumentation in the movement of a hand is perfect for conor. It doesn't cover his up too much with a commercial sound, but its a little bit more music than its okay, we can still be friends. Although landlocked blues and bowl of oranges are my favorite be songs.. btw conors slightly out of tune voice is what makes be so good and with heavy instrumentation as in hot knives, it covers the greatness up and I just don't feel like I just had the best fuck of my life like most other be songs does for me.

amazing | Reviewer: Phoebe Halliwell | 3/26/10

Cassadaga is by far the best Bright Eyes album.. Much more upbeat than previous albums and features beautiful instrumentation. @Hailey - We can still be friends and No one would riot for less and absolutely nothing in comparison to any song on Cassadaga.. that's an extremely wrong review to leave future listeners with. ;)

Ah! $&!# | Reviewer: hailey | 11/4/08

This song i must admit was not one of favorites. I was much more drawn to Conor's slower songs such as It's Okay, We Can Still Be Friends or No one Would Riot For Less. I have 92 bright eyes songs on my ipod and this one never really stuck out, although i just recently listened to it more closely and realized that it was one of my favorite songs. It has a beautiful and rather upbeat (for Bright Eyes) melody. To me the lyrics are INCREDIBLE. The ideas of forgiveness and God are displayed here beautifully. I LOVE THIS SONG!

eeep! | Reviewer: matt | 8/31/07

like four winds,
the first time i heard this song i really didnt like it
but its grown on me like every single other BE song...
but dont really