Hot Chip Albums

  • In Our Heads Album (6/12/2012)
    Motion Sickness
    How Do You Do
    Don’t Deny Your Heart
    Look At Where We Are
    These Chains
    Night And Day
    Now There Is Nothing
    Ends Of The Earth
    Let Me Be Him
    Always Been Your Love

  • One Life Stand Album (1/2/2010)
    Thieves In The Night
    Hand Me Down Your Love
    I Feel Better
    One Life Stand
    Alley Cats
    We Have Love
    Keep Quiet
    Take It In

  • Coming On Strong Album (11/29/2009)
    Take Care
    The Beach Party
    Keep Fallin'
    Crap Kraft Dinner
    Down With Prince
    Bad Luck
    You Ride, We Ride, In My Ride
    Shining Escalade
    Baby Said
    One One One
    Hittin' Skittles
    From Drummer To Driver

  • Made In The Dark Album (2/5/2008)
    Out At The Pictures
    Shake A Fist
    Ready For The Floor
    Bendable Poseable
    We're Looking For A Lot Of Love
    Touch Too Much
    Made In The Dark
    One Pure Thought
    Hold On
    Don't Dance
    Whistle For Will
    In The Privacy Of Our Love

  • The Warning Album (6/13/2006)

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