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Kirk Franklin Hosana Lyrics

Last updated: 01/06/2011 10:00:00 AM

The angels bow down at the thought of you
The darkness gives way to the light for you
The price that you paid gives us life brand new
Hosanna forever we worship you
Hosanna forever we worship you
(repeat verse)

For you are the joy that my soul longs for
The lamb that was slain for my sins
And the one I adore
king of kings, ruler of everything
hosanna forever we worship you
hosanna forever we worship you (repeat 1x)

For your patience and kindness
and favor and mercy
and honor and glory
because you are worthy
we can't live without you
we can't breathe without you
we can't sing without you
Hosanna Hosanna

No greater love in this world but you
no one can compare to the things you do
wherever you go I will follow you
Hosanna forever we worship you
hosanna for
forever we worship you

Someday every tongue shall confess your name
this house made of clay soon shall pass away
what every the test you will bring us through
Hosanna forever we worship you
Hosanna forever we worship you(repeat from hosanna forever)

hosanna forever
hosanna forever and ever and ever
hosanna (we praise you)
hosanna forever and ever and ever (repeat twice)
(sing along with kirk franklin)

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something to live for | Reviewer: alexzandra | 1/6/11

I am 14 yrs old probably the only person in my class that listen to gospel almost everyday. This is one of the I look forward to and sing to my fellow classmates it's just a blessing for the songs I listen too. Luvving GOSPEL!

love this song | Reviewer: renee whiltey | 3/24/09

i really think that this song is spiraual and i love it so much i cant stop listening to it day and night non stop. i love evy sond that kirk franklin puts together. he is excellrnt at what he does.

hey!! | Reviewer: latoya | 8/11/08

hey dis song is realy amacing we use to sing at our youth n we use to use to teach our dance too,fanx a lot.words are so familiar with christianity lifes and we praise god for the great talent dat he gaves for his people fank you so much really love dis beautiful song...

Hosansa | Reviewer: Taylor | 5/5/07

There is a song called hosans and the words are something like this hosana hosana the lovely anthem rang.But I need the whole words.