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George Harrison Horse To Water Lyrics

Last updated: 06/18/2008 11:00:00 AM

You can take a horse to the water
but you can't make him drink
Oh no, oh no, oh no

A friend of mine in so much misery
Some people sail through life,but he has struck a reef
I said 'hey man let's go out and get some wisdom'
But first he turned on me, then he turned off his nervous system

You take a horse to water but
you can't make him drink
Oh no, oh no, oh no
You can have it all layed/staked out in front
of you but it still don't make you think
Oh no, oh no, oh no

Someone I love is gotta problem
Some people thirst for truth, but he would like a drink
I said 'Hey man this could turn out to be risky'
He said 'everything's ok' as he downed another bottle of whiskey

There's a preacher out there warned me about Satan
Could be that he knows him
Cause' He acts like he's possessed
I said 'Hey man let's hear about God realisation
For a change'
he said "We ain't got time for that
First you must hear the evils of fornication"

© George Harrison & Dhani Harrison
RIP Ltd, 2001

Recorded 2 October 2001

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Last song for one of the great songwriters | Reviewer: Mark Matulef | 6/15/2008

Without a doubt, the song I listen to/view on YouTube the most is Sam Brown performing "Horse To Water" on the Concert for George (with Jools Holland, Jim Capaldi, Eric Clapton, and Tom Scott). George recorded the song not long before he succombed to illness (for Jools Holland). The lyric sums up George's interest in and struggle on behalf of the human as well as the eternal spirit - as the world around him is absorbed in self-indulgence and addiction. The tempo of the song is driving. The chorus is memorable. The three verses are complete stories in themselves. Please listen to, buy, watch, and play this song.