Hopsin Albums

  • Knock Madness Album (12/3/2013)
    Fiends Are Knocking
    Hop is Back
    Who's There
    Tears To Snow
    Rip Your Heart Out
    Nollie Tre Flip
    Gimmie That Money
    I Need Help
    Hip Hop Sinister
    Good Guys Get Left Behind
    Bad Manners Freestyle
    Old Friend
    Still Got Love For You
    Jungle Bash
    Lunch Time Cypher
    Dream Forever
    What's My Purpose
    Caught In The Rain

  • RAW Album (11/19/2010)
    Hot 16's
    Sag My Pants
    You Are My Enemy
    I'm Not Introducing You
    I Can't Decide
    I Am RAW
    Nocturnal Rainbow
    How You Like Me Now
    Heather Nicole
    Kill Her
    I'm Not Crazy
    Where Will I Go
    Baby's Daddy
    Blood Energy Potion
    Pillow Man

  • Gazing At The Moonlight Album (10/27/2009)
    I'm Here
    Break It Down
    Sexy Cyber
    Pans In The Kitchen
    Story Of Mine
    Chris Dolmeth
    The B Bop
    Super Duper Fly
    Gazing At The Moonlight

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    Reviews about Hopsin albums
    Can't have Hip-Hop without Hop | Reviewer: RB
        ------ About the album Gazing At The Moonlight performed by Hopsin

    This album is dope and deep best thing i've heard from hip-hop in the last 5 years at least. No Gun promotion or drugs and sex just real lyrics and spreading a positive and relatable message, keep it up Marcus!

    Gazing at the moonlight | Reviewer: Libra
        ------ About the album Gazing At The Moonlight performed by Hopsin

    Yeah its the realest song warning us abt the devil dats ruling the hip hop game dis dude can bew president the way hes smart in his songs best of luck dude can't wait for knock madness

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