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It would probably be easier if we told you what Hopsin doesn't do, but Hop is an MC, producer, director, actor, and editor. And his journey has been anything but painless. Like many kids, Hopsin wanted to be "cool". But as hard as he tried, he never graduated past being that "weird black kid" that rode around on a skateboard.

He tried to get attention by making people laugh, but he always ended up being the butt of the joke. He wrote songs for girls to get them to like him, but got no love.

Stuck in special education classes, Hopsin did not see much of a future. His teachers did nothing but reinforce the feelings that he wouldn't amount to anything; especially if he continued to waste his time attending classes where nothing was actually being taught. So with no money and only a few real friends, Hopsin dropped out of school in 2004.

Despite the lack of support from anyone but himself, Hopsin knew that his raw talent to rhyme would one day allow him to spit in the face of all of his critics. In the meantime, however, he had to find a way to make money. He thought his goofiness would translate to an acting career so he auditioned for several roles. The only role that he was ever able to obtain was as a "day player" on Disney's That's So Raven. He thought things were looking up from there, but nothing seemed to come through after that.

Still determined to be one of Southern Cali's premier MCs he bought an $8 microphone from Wal-Mart, installed Fruity Loops on his computer, and locked himself in the basement. Not only did he spend countless hours perfecting his own craft, he also studied the careers of artists to better understand what has made them successful. As time went by he knew that his lyrics and production had surpassed what he was hearing on the radio. He combined his skills with a new image [often seen wearing white contacts] and emerged from the basement as a complete artist. In 2007, Hopsin signed a major record deal with Ruthless Records / Sony.

Hopsin gets his inspiration from all types of music, from 50 Cent and Alicia Keyes to the All American Rejects. His creativity and raw energy come from all the people in his life that have told him that he didn't have a future. At times his lyrics can be dark and grimy, but they only reflect all of the negativity that he has had to endure in order to get to where he is today.

Hopsin founded Funk Volume to share his story, spread his message, and display his many talents. He has been on a long journey to hone his skills, and to get comfortable being who he is. Now that he has the confidence there is no one and nothing that can stop him. He has come too far and been through too much. Funk Volume represents what has made Hopsin successful... real pain, real passion, real music.

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He deserves it | Reviewer: Jonathan Bartlett | 7/19/14

Hopsin is so much different to other rappers in the best way possible for once i don't have to listen to rappers talking about the bitches and pussy they get and instead listen to some life stories and lessons while he adds humor.

Why don't you like him? | Reviewer: Makenzie | 3/31/14

Honestly I think the only reason people don't listen to Hopsin's music or don't like it is beacause it isn't basic. He doesn't rap about "fucking bitches and getting money" he raps about his life, and sometimes talking shit on the rap 'we' listen to. Hopsin raps real shit that happened to him. Not just what people want to hear.

Hopsin Matters | Reviewer: Brian Mitoval Belicov | 9/27/13

okay, there is so much hate going on here. this man has been through so much shit.. from bullying to real life issues at HOME. he is an amazing artist/lyricist. he should be credited for what he has done not what he hasn't....

Calm down | Reviewer: Jacob Therrien | 5/3/13

Okay so, there could be kids who go on this website so they can look up someone for school. (what I'm doing right now)and they don't want to see anyone of this swearing. yes Hopsin is an amazing rapper but you don't need to be flipping out over these little things, look where being picked on and bullied got him. He is now one of the best and most popular rappers out there he is personally my favorite since Tupac and Easy-E.

Hopsin Didnt Deserve It | Reviewer: Rowdy Payne | 12/16/12

You know I sometimes think that maybe if kids are getting picked on I wanna sock the motherfucker in the face and tell him that this kid doesn't deserve your shit and your fuck with the kid just to make you look like you got some big ass ego. Well Hopsin didn't deserve being told off by some popular niger Hopsin actually has the balls to go after the big shit in life. If I was around when Hopsin was getting abused I would have the balls so stick up for him even if it was Andre the Giant

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