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Hopesfall Biography

Last updated: 07/25/2002 03:46:56 AM

North Carolina's Hopesfall began in 1998, as a means to pass boredom through writing several songs, and hopefully playing a show. As the unit began to write material, its members realized that things had progressed from "fun" to a serious full-time venture. As a result, Hopesfall began to set goals for itself, playing as many shows in as many venues as possible.

After being together for only eight months, the band was offered an opportunity to record its material. Hopesfall's debut full-length, "The Frailty of Words," would be released in July of 1999 through DTS Records. Following the release of the LP, the band would participate in Cornerstone Festival in 1999, and embark on several tours, which included Spitfire and Eighteen Visions as tour mates. At this point, the unit would be ready to record material once again. Although the band would suffer through many trials, its members would persevere, and their hard work would be captured on the band's latest effort, "No Wings To Speak Of," for Takehold Records (Underoath, Narcissus). The CDEP would display the band's growing musicianship, and its ability to craft inspiring and creative music.

In early-2002, Hopesfall would find a new home with New Jersey's Trustkill Records, with a new full-length expected in the near term, and a new singer joining the band. Although the band fuses elements of hardcore, emo, and rock, it is not limited nor defined by any one genre. Fans of emotional, melodic hardcore should check out this solid band.