Hoobastank Lyrics

Band Members:
Dan Guitar
Doug Vocals
Chris Drums
Markku Bass

"What if I don't want to hear the things you say? Where
were you when I was needy yesterday?" -Too Little Too Late

Put a band together with influences like Faith No More,
Tool, and Fishbone, let each member add unique influences
ranging from Phish to Guns n Roses to Trance music. Enter

Flash back to July of 1998 and enoughmoney saved up to self
release the first album They Sure Don't Make Basketball
Shorts Like They Used To, spreading the More...

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Review about Hoobastank songs
Run away .lyrics | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song Running Away performed by Hoobastank

Could be about a boy trying to get along with a girl that interprets things in her own more informed intelligence yet the boy believes he has his standards and can live comfortably with himself till he meets her and things go haywire with her expressing her intelligence till he domes not want to express anything to her which he wanted to do in the first place so he gives up and acts foolishly so she will interpret him as foolish and leave him alone

running away | Reviewer: brooklynn
    ------ About the song Running Away performed by Hoobastank

This song reminds me so much of my boyfriend now he is getting so distant with me and now he's ignoring me I understand what that means but I gave up so much to him and all he does is push me away and its hard but he needs his space and I respect that I'm not sure what's going on with him but we have been together for so long and now he's lying and pushing me away I don't understand what's going on with him just afew days ago we were fine and happy so I'm hoping he will make a good choice in whatever he does

Best Song By Hoobastank | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Crawling In The Dark performed by Hoobastank

I wish I knew who the singer is talking to, but anyways, whoever he is, in my opinion, he wants to get to a place where he wants to understand why everything that has happened to him was hopefully not in vain. It almost seems like its a somber way of saying that he's not expecting a "light at the end of the tunnel."

Love this song | Reviewer: Anyssa
    ------ About the song The Reason performed by Hoobastank

Im malaysian n i really love this song . the lyrics is best n the feeling turned into my heart . when i hear this song , its remind me of u . i always make u hurt , but in my heart always have you , n no one can replace u . i love u so much . capital F

i love u guddu | Reviewer: udit kaura
    ------ About the song The Reason performed by Hoobastank

dis iz a very n i lv dis song soo much.....guddu iz mi very close friend,,she study wid me in institute...i didn't say her dat i lv her ........cn u tell me guys..dat hw i say her dat i lv her...plzzz hlp me....i lv her sooooooo much..

really more than memories | Reviewer: catalystic jay
    ------ About the song More Than A Memory performed by Hoobastank

we ain't perfect,we know. let's try to hurt our love ones that it makes them forgive and not forget. cause when we realise this it might be to late and be only memories. cause by the time you finally realise they gone.....
its an amazing song. love every line.

This song helped me.. | Reviewer: Mom
    ------ About the song Reason performed by Hoobastank

I had heard this song many times but, didn't REALLY hear it until I was extremely depressed. Everything and everyone in my life left me, except my two beautiful girls. Although they are young and couldn't really "go" anywhere, they held out hope with their unconditional love. While in the hospital I chose this song while in therapy group as the song that best fit my feelings at the time. I cried like a baby (and still do) when the song played. It's so fitting for a parent that is supposed to never hurt (emotional) and always help. Everyone in the room was speechless after the song ended, as I am sure, they too felt the same as I.

Get Yourself a BIG hotshot | Reviewer: Katherine
    ------ About the song If I Were You performed by Hoobastank

If I were Hoobastink I'd be getting myself a great big HOTSHOT and stop criticising their muse, who's made them a big suitcase of money and got them a big pat on the head by the big cheese in the Illuminati Vulture Culture for taking the piss out of their little closet victim. Why would she want to be like you; and pimp her arse to the crap in the business? Grovelling little two-bit pimps! In fact, she thought this song was SO insipid it was sung by Justin Beiber and wasn't going to find out who wrote it at all because why would it matter if she knew or not when you've clinched your mud-throwing contract and claimed your money for it? And where else has she heard the words, "You can have all the kingdoms in the world if you only kiss our butts"?

Elizabeth | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Reason performed by Hoobastank

hey its me again I love my friends a bunch (not that way) but theres this one guy I think about while singing this song,he`s nice and funny but this song reminds me of what all Ive gone through with him.He's just fun to hang around with.He reminds me of what all me and him have gone through his name is Samuel Garcia.So this song is really special to me.It also reminds me of my dad and grandpa(who btw died) :( p.s samuel if your reading this I love ya bunches THIS IS ELIZABETH HAMM IZ OUT :)

Elizabeth | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Reason performed by Hoobastank

I love this song i used to sing to it on sing star I always got a high score when I sang it alone, and when I sang it against my dad,sister or my dads friend id beat them all the time!BTW my name is Elizabeth and im turning 11 on october 22 if you can play this song on the radio that would be great p.s its october 15th!

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