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K'naan Hoobaale Lyrics

Last updated: 10/24/2012 10:53:02 AM

Nee kaatru, naan maram, yenna sonnaalum thalayaattuven
Nee mazhai, naan bhoomi enge vizhunthaalum enthikkolven
Nee iravu, naan vinmeen, nee irukkum vare thaan naan iruppen
Nee alai naan karai enne adithaalum ettrukolven

Nee udal naan nizhal nee vizhavendaam naan vizhuven
Nee kilai naan ilai unnai ottum varaikkum thaan uyirthiruppen
Nee vizhi naan imai unnai serum varaikkum naan thudithiruppen
Nee swaasam naan dheham naan unnai mattum uyirthoda anumathippen

Nee vaanam naan neelam unnil naanai kalanthiruppen
Nee ennam naan vaarthai nee sollum pozhuthe velippaduven
Nee veyil naan kuyil un varugai paarthu thaan naan isaippen
Nee udai naan idai unnai urangum pozhuthum naan uduthiruppen
Nee pagal naan oli endrum unnai mattum saarndhe naan iruppen

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I want "Hoobaale"'s first four stanzas in English | Reviewer: Marisol | 10/24/12

In my "Dusty-Foot Philosopher" CD K'naan sings the first four stanzas of "Hoobaale" in English. Those are what all of us want, not that uncomprehensible text I don't know if it's in Swahilli or Somali, what I want especifically is the second stanza, that's the one I can't understand due to K'naan accent. You should have the English text. WHY DON'T YOU HAVE IT???

Hoobaale lyrics in English/Blues for the Horn | Reviewer: Maria-Soledad | 9/5/11

You are offering what would seem native African language that nobody understands, we enjoy K'naan singing them but I want to see the spoken words he says before starting the song and then what he sings in English. I am Mexican and can't understand his second sentence: "How come you turn....?.... when it's your own brother callin'?". You need to give the English lyrics otherwise people will go away disappointed.
Also lyrics are missing, the ones for the song "Blues for the Horn", which comes immediately after "Until the Lion Learns to Speak".