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Seven Mary Three Honey of Generation Lyrics

Last updated: 11/23/2000 12:21:04 AM

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What抯 your mother say?
揧ou never listen to me?
I know you want back in
you don抰 get it for free

You better read the book, and
hear what they say
Best learn the rules
and sit up straight

What抯 your daddy say?
揧ou never listen to me?
I know you抮e trying hard
you don抰 get a reprieve

Did you read good book?
Did you bid good time?
Did you push ahead?
Bet you stood the line.

Liquid used to surround me
my freedom- swimming and drowning
Today we throw it up for sale.
Today we抮e giving it away

It抯 the Honey of Generation
makes you forget where you came from.
It抯 the Honey of Generation
and it抯 yours...

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