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Mariah Carey Honey Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2011 10:00:00 AM

Oh honey you can have me when you want me
If you simply ask me to be there
And you're the only one who makes me come running
'Cause what you got is far beyond compare

And it's just like honey
When you're love comes over me
Oh baby I've got a dependency
Always strung out for another taste of your honey
It's like honey when it washes over me
You know sugar never ever was so sweet
And I'm dying for ya, crying for ya, I adore ya
One hit of your love addicted me
Now I'm strung out on you darling
Don't you see
Every night and day
I can hardly wait
For another taste of honey
Honey you can't describe
How good it feels inside
Honey you can't describe
How good it feels inside

I can't be elusive with you honey
'Cause it's blatant that I'm feeling you
And it's too hard for me to leave abruptly
'Cause you're the only thing I wanna do


Now, what we gonna do right here
Is we gonna smooth it out

Oh oh honey got me hooked on you

And she won't stop


Thanks to Megan Ferrara for submitting Honey Lyrics.

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Thinkaboutit | Reviewer: Princess <3 | 1/17/11

How about we just love the Artist and thank god for actually bringing a talented person up to the forefront unlike all the TECHNO voices out there. Anyone can do that shiT! People crack me up how they think they know everything and wanna put there two senses into artist's music. The only person who actually knows what this song means is Mariah Carey herself. Rest the negativity bitches...

honey? sex? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/10

I can see how a lot of people think that this song is sexual and when I read the lyrics I could understand. Most girls don't even like men to ejaculate in their mouth. I think that when it was written that is not what she had in mind. People interpret things differently. Like the bible, different people interpret it differently.

Honey | Reviewer: Trisha L. | 4/5/10

Seriously this is my song! I love it so much and it sounds great on my MP3. Honestly, I believe that Mariah is a wonderful artist, singer and songwriter. I love her voice and there's no other voice I know that be so high with perfect sorprano and falsetto key. You go girl!

mariah does = love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/09

to the perosn who most recently posted about the guy half way down the page's comment on the sexual content of the song. That comment made me laguh. you told it like it is and i have heard that other song before too haha... I just wanted to say I wish i could give you a high five! I love Mariah :)

mariah carey = love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/09

I love this song, along with every other song of hers. And to the guy half way down the page.. what, were you born in the 1800's or something? Almost every song nowadays is about sex. And this song is FAR from say.. something like Khia - My Neck, My Back. Search it on YouTube; I'm sure you'll have a hernia when you hear it. Jeez, you need to get laid or something.

why are you viewing mariah carey lyrics if you dont like them! stop reading them! simple! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/09

haha verbal prostitution wtf. Girl you got issues. Shes saying your the only one i want to do. how is that being a prostitute if she just wants to do one guy. Like this song makes me think of my bf. His sex is like sweet as honey and i love it. I dont see anything wrong with talking about wanting to make love with a significant other.

So what? | Reviewer: Angelica | 12/20/08

So what if it's sexual?!
I think it is natural to express oneself sexually whether verbally or physically.
Putting it in a song whether this song by Mariah or some other blatantly sexual song is a means of expression. And it is the freedom of every individual to do that. However, it is also up to every individual to chose what they want to listen to. In other words, if you do not like the idea of listening to how people want to express their sexual thoughts or fantasies, then simply turn off the radio or just shut off your ears. But we none of us are in the position to impose our own principles or preference on others. That would be equivalent to oppression. So to each his own. And if parent and adults are worried about the young ones listening to these kinds... I guess that the adults role... to guide them but never to chose for them.

cry more | Reviewer: Kevin L | 12/21/08

you bitches should really cry more... "verbal prostitution" are you kidding me? what is wrong about singing about sex especially when she doesn't say anything explicitly such as "i want your cock in my mouth?" i agree that "your love comes over me" can have a sexual interpretation, in fact that's my personal interpretation, but it's not prostitution when anyone of any age can listen to it and still enjoy this song because they can interpret themselves in a different manner.

Honey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/08

It may or may not have an extremely sexually sxplicit message. You don't know that. You didn't write the song. You can interpret the song as whatever you want. Yeah, it might sound like a very sexual song. But it can also just be a love song. Honey doesn't necessarily have to be semen. Think figuratively. Can't it just be love? Just because she said, "You're the only thing I wanna do" doesn't necessarily allude to that. I'm not arguing against your statement, but I just wanted to look at it objectively. Agree?

It's about sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/08

Has anyone noticed the INCREDIBLY sexual message in this song? Specifically - honey is male semen. Of course, it "comes" (sadly, read 'cum's) over her, and apparently, she cant wait to tast get another taste of "your honey." Other statements like, "... you're the only thing I want to do" (another obvious reference to actual and explicit sexual intercourse) help bring this message to the forefront of the audience's mind, but frankly, I don't see how anyone could miss the sexuality in these lyrics. Due to this fact, I have decided that Mariah Carrey doesn't use "unlikely words." She uses sexual words, and I absolutely loath this song (and most of her 'work') for it. If you want to sing about sex, then by all means go and do that, but don't call it good artistry. Call it verbal prostitution or something like that.