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Sochitta Sal, better known by her stage name Honey Cocaine,
is an Cambodian rapper from Toronto born on October 22,
1992. Honey Cocaine is signed to Tyga's label Last Kings.
She is the first artist signed to the label. She first
received recognition with her debut collaboration
"Heisman", featuring Tyga. One of the up-to-date female
rappers with serious flow and will probably blow up in the
next few years.

Her official Twitter page is @HoneyLKCocaine

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Review about Honey Cocaine songs
Honey Cocaine'! (: Aha. I Love Her (: | Reviewer: BreezyBree
    ------ About the song Young Dreamer performed by Honey Cocaine

Yo' I Love This Song' Its Like Me When I Used To Run Along'
With All My So Called Homies' That Took A Knife And Back Stabbed Me' I Used To Have Dreams' But I Gave Up On Them All ALong Time Ago' Now All Of A Sudden A Hero' Steps Up And Say's Something' You Know' I Love That Your Raps Actually Mean Something' Better Then All These Fake Ass Crooks That Can't Even Be There Selfs' There To Busy Being Controlled By A CRAZY Looking Elf' Except Its The Color Of Blood' That Dripped From My Rists' When These Bitches Couldn't Even Take A Rest' From There Cocaine Hits' Most Bitches Couldn't Make It Like You Did' They Had To Take A Shortcut Instead' Everyone Knows That's Waak' Aha.' That's Why You Bought It Back' (: Honey Cocaines Were Its At (; Aha. Much Love Honey Cocaine' Your #1 Fan BreezyBree' (:

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