Honey Cocaine Albums

  • Thug Love Album (3/31/2013)
    Outta Pocket Shit (Intro)
    Money Murderer
    Brooklyn To Compton
    Middle Finger
    Chichi Get The Yayo
    Really Really
    Bullet 4 U
    Heartache (Skit)
    Until It Hurt
    A Little Ham
    Bad Gal
    Runaway Bride
    All White Choppa
    Fake As Fuck (Skit)
    Hold Some Nuts
    Me N My Toolie
    That Wonton
    Don't Push Me
    Asians On The Map
    No Grind No Pain
    Hold It Down (Outro)

  • 90's Gold Album (7/9/2012)
    Dear Luv
    T.O. Gold (Freestyle)
    Hey Boo
    No Scrubs
    Rock The Boat
    Making Me High
    Bring It All To Me
    Love You Down
    Who Shot Me

  • Fuck Yo Feelings Vol#1 Album (2/18/2012)
    Fuck Yo Feelings
    Yo Own Thang
    Bitch Please
    Waiting Outside
    Too Pussy To
    Iunno You
    Heisman (Part 2)
    All My Bitches
    'Bout It
    Feel Shit
    In The Cut
    Yellow Bitch

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