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Stryper Honestly Lyrics

Last updated: 07/20/2014 07:23:29 PM

Verse 1
Honestly, I believe in you
Do you trust in me
Patiently, I will stand by you
I will stand beside you faithfully

And through the years
I will be a friend
For always and forever

Call on me and I'll be there for you
I'm a friend who always will be true
And I love you can't you see
That I can say I love you honestly

Chorus 2
Call on me and I'll be there for you
I'm a friend who always will be true
And I love you can't you see
That I love you honestly
I will never betray your trust in me
And I love you can't you see
That I can say I love you honestly

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love the song | Reviewer: sweetpea | 7/20/14

the words have meaning. Not many guys can say them words..Still A great song...Words I wish I would hear from A man that isn't full of sh*t.. But all men lie....

Honestly | Reviewer: Bokashe swu | 12/4/12

Stryper band was unknown to me during my childhood. But so called once waves of "honestly" slightly heard. The first time i heard the song in 1998,roughly memorize with tune. Then later, band stryper name first known on 2003 when i was in class 5. It was more than 5 years.the lost song honestly re-entered in my life and till date honestly is me.
To dig the story how i begin to admired stryper will contain numbers of year to explain so in short my life is what stryper mean.
A poor boy who could not even able to attend the concert that took place in our own soil. Nagaland, which makes me remorse.

"Honestly" i love you,but why you remain friend."ill see you on my wedding.

Honestly by stryper | Reviewer: Keviz | 11/28/12

Stryper is my favourite christian metal band, their songs which i like most are the honestly and calling on you, at first i thought that stryper was not an christian band by listening their one music To Hell With The Devil and once i stop listening their music. But later i came to know that it was an christian band and from there i started listening their music again, and i really love them. And even this year in 2012 they came to my state Nagaland, India and perform a concert there in kohima and dimapur city but the night when they have been perform i was been a bid sick and i fail to attend the concerts and also i fell so regret for that even today. All thought stryper is my favourite christian band among all christian band. May the all mighty God bless the member of stryper band with a long life, thank you.

happily taken and very much in love a very appropriate wedding song | Reviewer: christine galvez | 11/5/09

since i heard this song it caught my heart so in my early age i already thought of it to be my wedding song on my wedding day and now that i am getting married my wish of having the song will be fulfilled ...wish me luck.

one of my best song ... | Reviewer: steevah | 5/9/09

i haven't heard of stryper much in my parents were strict christians and didn't have much interest in rock music..i grew up not knowing that some rock bands were religious..and i found out that stryper was one of them... i first heard this song in 2007..then i fell in love with brings tears everytime i listen to it...God bless Stryper..

Honestly-the BEST song ever!! | Reviewer: Jenny | 2/21/09

Stryper was the first concert I went to. It was 1986, I was 14. Honestly is my very fav song. It was played when I got married, in 2000. Now in 2009 myself and my 2 young daughters are going to sing it at church as a solo...

Awesome | Reviewer: Tara | 1/9/08

What we need is more bands like Stryper, with this crap on the radio now we need not wonder why the world is the way it is. They reminded people that it was ok to love others and God too and still be awesome.

This is one of the songs that helped get thru so much... | Reviewer: Letty | 1/1/08

I remember when I first heard this song. 1987. I was 11. I still love this song. I had this on single on vinyl, the b side was sing sing sing along. I've been finding myself singing this song to myself a lot lately. Amazing... even after more than 20 years. :)

power ballad extraordinaire | Reviewer: chris harle | 9/14/07

Why didn't Stryper come out during my high school years (77-81) so I had something to counteract the ac/dc/vanhalen thing. Biggest leap for christian music ever, in a great way!! Honestly brings a tear to my eyes every time, talking about our love for people and God being there for us as well!! Stryper rulz!

Good song ...... | Reviewer: reza | 8/28/07

Salute and thanks so much to Stryper. All of your songs make me strong and give me motivation.And of course, thanks to, to prepared this lyrics.

honestly... | Reviewer: gene | 5/21/05

this song caught my heart the first time i heard it. it brings out a honest intention for somebody you feel so special. thats why this song was played as my wife and i took our vows.

stryper is a long favorite of mine. they make powerful songs that can provoke the mind and emotions. the music + michael's voice makes stryper the band to beat for me.