Homo Iratus Albums

  • Apocalypse Album (7/29/2004)
    Another Daybreak Gone
    The Age Of Numbers
    So Many Nulls
    Disintegrating Rotor's Authority
    One Last Breath
    Constructing Stature
    e-land Phobia
    Binary Clone Epoch
    On Fertile Ground

  • Knowledge... Their Enemy Album (7/29/2002)
    Protection Through Surveillance
    Roots Bloody Roots
    Tomahawk Cruise Messiah
    Homo Sapiens?

  • Human Consumes Human Album (7/29/2001)
    Life-Like Violence
    Dead Upon Conception
    Project: New World
    Absence Of Progress
    Homo Sapiens?
    Crawling Principles
    Hideousness Show
    False Criteria
    Sonus In Terrorem
    Human Parts Inc.
    King Of Logic
    Slavery / Freedom
    Tomahawk Cruise Messiah

  • Homo Iratus Album (7/29/1999)
    False Criteria
    Homo Sapiens?

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