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Big & Rich Holy Water Lyrics

Last updated: 08/02/2011 11:00:00 AM

Somewhere there's a stolen halo
I used to watch her wear it well.
Everything would shine wherever she would go
But lookin at her now you'd never tell.
Someone ran away with her innocence;
A memory she can't get out of her head.
And I can only imagine what she's feelin when she's pray'n
Kneeling at the edge of her bed.


And she says - take me away
Then take me farther
Surround me now,
And hold - hold - hold me like holy water
holy water

She wants someone to call her angel,
Someone to put the light back in her eyes,
She's looking through the faces and the unfamiliar places
She needs somone to hear her when she cries.

And she says - take me away
Then take me farther
Surround me now,
And hold - hold - hold me like holy water

She just needs a little help to wash away the pain she's felt
She wants to feel the healing hands of someone who understands

And she says - take me away
Then take me farther
Surround me now,
And hold - hold - hold me
And she says
Take me away
Then take me farther
Surround me now,
And hold - hold - hold me like holy water
Like holy water, like holy water, like holy water

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My song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/11

The first time I heard this song I feel like the world stopped. They hit the nail on the head. I was raped. I was beat. I was neglected. I need someone to hear me when I cry. This song makes me feel like someone actually "gets it". I feel like I matter and it wasn't all for nothing. I'm a better person because of my life experiences. I know I'm not alone and I understand now more than ever that these situations where not my fault. Thank God above for the lyrics of this song.

Holy Water by Big & Rich | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/11

This song is amazing! I have been the survivor of all forms of abuse, prey for multiple monsters. The love of one honest man, though it didn't work out. Taught me what I deserved, how I should be treated. This song allows me to remember what I have survived & overcome! A battle cry for weak moments, a celebration for great life experience. My husband of 10 plus years understands this song & it's meaning. Many times he has come home, hearing this song up the drive & I am somewwhere in the house dancing & singing. I can't thank them enough for the strength this song has given me over the years, It has saved my soul & helped me hang on.

Having my spirit broken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/08

This song "Holy Water" depicts exactly the way I feel every day. My husband took my innocence and values away from me over 30 years ago and I cannot forgive or forget. I've tried everything, including God. My life has been changed forever for the worst by him.

How I interpret this song | Reviewer: Stephanie | 11/15/07

This song is amazing. Everytime I hear this song, it makes me think about how guys have effected my life. Between break-ups, cheating, and rape, this song reflects everything that has happened to me over the years. They do a great job of really hitting home with their songs.

This is about so many women in the world. | Reviewer: Cynthia | 9/22/07

The first time I heard this song, I had just met the "Holy water" of my life. I asked him to listen to this song and he cried to think that this was my story and it was. Fortunately, enough time has gone by and the hurt is now a memory, not a pleasant one, but the hurt no longer throbs. I thank Big & Rich for what they have done. I pray that all women that have experienced domestic violence find themselves very soon in "Holy Water".

Old Age | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/07

This makes me think of an old lady being taken away from her home and being put in a "old folk's" home. Perhaps she has gone senile... that's why she would like to see a familiar face. It is neat how every person that hears a song can have a different interpretation.

Holy Water | Reviewer: Krystle-Lynne | 6/8/07

This song is absolutly amazing. It just seems like it was ment and made for me, my life and what i'm going through right now. These guys are truely talented and blessed with the gift of getting inside peoples hearts and souls through there music. I look forward to hearing more! xo

well written | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/07

To pen a song that has equally valid interpretations for each listener and harmony that reaches through to the soul....WOW
When I read the posts about domestic abuse and divorce, I had to reread the lyrics (which totally fit). Being a rape survivor, I thought it was written about rape (a memory that takes a long time to shuffle to the back of the brain, but never gets outta your head) Thanks for opening the other dimensions of the lyrics. Great song, Guys

Holy water for me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/05

Any woman who has given of herself and sacraficed for a man in a marriage and then been discarded, can identify with this song. In middle age your youth has been taken and used and his love is given to a younger woman. You want someone to cherish you as you have never been cherished before. To love you, make love to you, and take you to a place that has only been a faint dream; to take you farther, to a deeper commitment.

Holy Water review | Reviewer: ßéar | 12/12/04

After hearing the song "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy", most people would assume that Big & Rich are just goofy kind of musicians. The song "Holy Water" really shows that they're true artists. Taking a subject so serious and making a truly beautiful song. Anyone who's been thru domestic abuse can really understand this song. This song proves they're not just a "one hit wonder". I look forward to hearing all their music. They really ARE performing "music without predjudice."