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Holy Blood Biography

Last updated: 03/23/2007

Holy Blood was formed in autumn of 1999. The band consisted of three persons: Dmitry Titorenko - drums, Mihail Rodionov - bass, Fedor Buzilevich - guitar and vocal. Originally, the band played brutal hardcore, but in 2000 switched to a heavier death/grind style.

In 2001 the band added three new musicians: Eugen Cesarev (ex-Maranatha) - bass-guitar, Alexei Furman (ex-Revival) - solo-guitar, Vera Knyazeva - keyboard. After these changes, Mihail Rodionov changed to the rhythm-guitar. The Style sharply changed, and Holy Blood began to play melodic death-metal. This lineup recorded the first album.

In August 2001, Vera Knyazeva and Fedor Buzilevich were married.

The first album was issued in 2002, titled "The Wanderer".

In the summer of 2002 Alexei Furman left Holy Blood and his place was replaced by Artyom Stupak (ex- Maranatha). In this updated cast the team prepared new music in the folk black-death genre. A new instrument was introduced by Fedor Buzilevich, the block-flute.

In 2003 Michail Rodionov replaced Sergei Nagorny (ex Celestial Call). This lineup starts the writing of the second album and in they begin writing music in the folk/black genre. Artyom Stupak departs the bandbecause of the creation of his new project called, Evroclydon (true black). The position of lead-guitarist is occupied by Sergey Nagorny and Fedor Buzilevich becomes the rhythm guitarist.

Also in 2003 Fedor Buzilevich and Mihail Rodionov wrote and recorded the studio-project Requital "Retribution for Sin" a death-grind album, in which previously unreleased songs of Holy Blood were included.

In autumn 2003 Eugen Cesarev departs the band and the position of bass-guitarist is occupied by Alexei Andrushenko ( Axxent ).

In 2004 Holy Blood signed the contract with Christian metal label Bombworks Records, which released "The Wanderer" and "Waves Are Dancing".

From the time of it’s existance Holy Blood has played tons of gigs in Kiev and around their country.