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Hollywood Undead American Tragedy Album

Last updated: 06/16/2012 12:00:00 PM

Release Date: 04/04/2011
Tracks in American Tragedy: Been To Hell, Apologize, Comin' In Hot, My Town, I Don't Wanna Die, Hear Me Now, Gangsta Sexy, Glory, Lights Out, Coming Back Down, Bullet, Levitate, Pour Me, Tendencies, Bonus Tracks, Mother Murder, Lump Ya Head, Le Deux, S.C.A.V.A., Street Dreams

American Tragedy Album Tracklist

American Tragedy is the second studio album by American rap rock band Hollywood Undead. Production for the album began following the induction of Daniel Murillo into the band in early 2010 and lasted until December. Don Gilmore and Ben Grosse, who helped produce the band's debut album, Swan Songs (2008), also returned to produce the album along with several other producers including Kevin Rudolf, Sam Hollander, Dave Katz, Griffin Boice, Jeff Halavacs, and Jacob Kasher. The album is musically heavier and features darker lyrical content than the band's previous effort, also focusing largely on rock music rather than rap. Originally set to release in March, American Tragedy was released on April 5, 2011 in the United States and was released on various other dates that month in other countries. A remix of the album, American Tragedy Redux, was released on November 21, 2011.

The album debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200, selling approximately 67,000 copies in its first week in the United States, and ended up becoming the 142nd best selling album of 2011 in the US. It also charted in a few other countries, including Canada and the UK, a first for the band. The album also had five singles: "Hear Me Now", "Been to Hell", "Coming Back Down", "Comin' in Hot", and "My Town", with music videos being made for all of them except "Coming Back Down" as it was released on the same day as "Been to Hell". The band participated in three headlining tours: the Revolt Tour, the Endless Summer Tour, and the World War III Tour, as well as other supporting tours throughout 2011 to promote the album. Upon release, American Tragedy received mixed reviews. Critics consistently noted the darker and more serious tone of the album, but to mixed reception. Lyrics were widely criticized while the energy and instruments were praised in most reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia