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Yellowcard Holly Wood Died Lyrics

Last updated: 01/29/2012 10:00:00 AM

Accidents out on the highway to somewhere
They tell us about when we we're young
Rescuers working to clean up the crashes
Before she can see what they've done
Nobody told her she'd lose in the first round
The last fight was fixed from the start
Name's on her sidewalks they move through her body
Like razors they cut through her heart
Like razors they cut through her heart


Hey let go of all you know
But you're flying away now
What have you got to lose
And say out loud these words I've found
I'll be there when you come down
I'll be waiting for you

Night life the high life she just wants a good life
So someone remembers her too
But somewhere she heard there was some place to go
when you die when you live like we do
Die when you live like we do

Chorus repeat x 2
(With echo of intro on 3rd time)

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the best band ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/2008

Yellowcard is really the best band ever and this amazing song is just one more prove of that! I really love all they songs (but from album still standing when Ryan joined the band, then they became real punk rock band, before it they was more like hard rock) and I can't say wich is my favourit! I really want them to come to Croatia!!!

Wow | Reviewer: Soko | 12/13/2007

all i can say is to be one of my fav. songs ever and best by yellowcard. If they had more songs like this then everyone would know their name.

love it | Reviewer: Braden | 10/16/2007

this is an amazing song, theres not much else to say, it flows nice , it has a pritty good intro and i really like how it has the echos in the back ground of the ending , so yah amazing