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Holly McNarland came into Canadian Music with a storming
entrance. Holly, born in Winnipeg, raised in Vancouver,
first broke out of her shell with her EP "Sour Pie". Well
known for her large voice, contrasting with her smaller
physique, she boomed into the music scene.

At age 21 she released a solo album called, "Sour Pie",
which showed her emotion and maturity at the same time. It
was "Intense and jouncing at the same time"-stated Donny
McNeal of Rolling Stone. It was obvious to many, that Holly
McNarland was just getting started. More...

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Really Beautiful- AMAZING song!!! | Reviewer: zoe
    ------ About the song Beautiful Blue performed by Holly McNarland

I heard it for the first time when i was watching falcon beach too and then i forgot about it and it was a while until i actaully listenend to the whole song. It's a beautifully touching song of how...you can be surrounded by ugliness but still dream of beauty and how even in the most ordianry of us there is something lovely hidden....i love it when she sings...i loved you in so many other ways...and how do you say i've always felt this way...those words mean a lot and they really do explain how special love is how it feels different from anything ever experianced different than what anybody else can possibly experiance... but you. a deep,sensitive song from a singer who has some supremely powerful vocals. Wow, for sure. LOVE Beautiful Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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