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Holly McNarland Biography

Last updated: 01/30/2010 11:00:00 AM

Holly McNarland came into Canadian Music with a storming entrance. Holly, born in Winnipeg, raised in Vancouver, first broke out of her shell with her EP "Sour Pie". Well known for her large voice, contrasting with her smaller physique, she boomed into the music scene.

At age 21 she released a solo album called, "Sour Pie", which showed her emotion and maturity at the same time. It was "Intense and jouncing at the same time"-stated Donny McNeal of Rolling Stone. It was obvious to many, that Holly McNarland was just getting started. And had paved the way for herself, as well as many other women in the music industry waiting for someone like Holly to help them get on the "Road of Sucess" and start a career of their own.

The next album released was "Stuff". This album showed Holly's inner-self and that her music went deeper the stud on her lower lip. It showed that she put emotion into her writing. It showed her soul, mind, and her gift of music and talent. "I'm not as serious anymore, I don't have to be completely depressed to write a song. Some of these songs are more upbeat that the older ones. I lightened up a bit,"-Quotes Holly.

Holly McNarland started singing at the young age of 3! She took up the guitar at age 16, and started writing music and songs shortly after that. She made a demo tape that lead her to producer Dale Penner. Dale is still the only producer Holly uses. "I was going to use two producers this time and cut the album in half, but Dale was working so well,"-Quotes Holly "He did a really good job, and I'm really comfortable with him."

Holly McNarland is just getting her music career off the ground and already she has left herself with some big shoes to fill due to the success of her previous records. We can only wait to see what Holly has in store for us next album.

-By Aaron Lewicki