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Bad Boy's Da Band Holla (Outro) Lyrics

Last updated: 10/06/2003 02:57:20 AM

(Freddrick)-Big shout out 2 Lil'FP
(Freddrick in background)-big shout out
(Freddrick)-yep(hp)defintly bentley(laughing in background)
(Freddrick)-tha whole bad boy style diddy him self
(Sara)-Tracy(thank you in background)
(Ness)-tha beatiful Nama
(Chopper)-Sean Prayers nigga
(Babs)-we Da Band baby
(Babs)Bad Boy's newist genaration baby
(Babs)-dont get it twisted
(Babs)-its not a game
(Babs)-my boy Freddy P,my girl Sara Stokes,Elloit Ness,Babs Bunny(Sara singing in background)Chopper City,Dylan the Dillinger,yall stay focus
its not a game Brooklyn stand tha fuck up M.I.A. stand up.New Orleans,Long Island West Indies,Michigan,Philly,holla at ya girl
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