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FORMED: 1989, Los Angeles, CA

Today Courtney Love is one of the most recognized females
in the music industry. Once married to Kurt Cobain, rock
legend from the band Nirvana. Now Courtney is recognized
for her efforts in her current and very successful band
"Hole". But it wasn't all fun and games for Courtney. Her
struggle up the road of success has paid of for her now in
a big way. Her multi-platinum record sales and being on the
cover of Rolling Stone have helped her become one of the
most popular female singers around today.

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Review about Hole songs
Close your eyes.. | Reviewer: kortnyluv
    ------ About the song Malibu performed by Hole

I am a HUGE Courtney Love fan, but for many reasons.. like this song. She is 1 of suuch a small handful of talented FEMALE singer/songwriters. This is 1 of my fave Hole songs. Like my title said, just put GOOD headphones on,close your eyes and listen....

Hole Rocks | Reviewer: Tjhoyi
    ------ About the song Celebrity Skin performed by Hole

I dont give a d*** what people think of Courtney, I love this band and most of all this song. Its so much fun to listen to and just overall everything about it is awsome. I think, compared to other girl- rock bands, Hole managed to creat music that was just as awesome as all the other dude-bands. LOVE THIS SONG!!!

@Andrea | Reviewer: Jaeda
    ------ About the song Miss World performed by Hole

When I first heard this song, I loved it but was too afraid to admit it, just like you, so trust me, you're not the only one.
I think I made a comment on another site just like yours almost... I like Nirvana better, but Hole KICKS ASS!
Anywho, if you like this song, give Asking For It a try.
Also, Violet, and I Think That I Would Die.

Hole | Reviewer: Andrea
    ------ About the song Pale Blue Eyes performed by Hole

This is awesome.Courtney's vocals and the feel in it.This is a cover so don't associate it with Kurt Cobain.I think maybe its psycheic like someone wrote a song about him for Courtney.Linger on Pale Blue Eyes! Awesome.


Courtny Love is cancerian woman | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Violet performed by Hole

And this song is typical of the cancerian mentality You give and give and they take and take so you might as well just take everything is the way a cancer who who gives and gives and protects and loses fights back its a dare "I dare you... go on take everything and that will give me the power to fight you." The cancer holds on until theres nothing left and then and only then are they free

Miss World | Reviewer: Andrea
    ------ About the song Miss World performed by Hole

I like this song I can relate to it.I have sympathy for Courtney Love and I won't hate her until its official that she killed Kurt and if she did she can consider herself a dead bitch.Anyway I love this song it sounds amazing and it has that sound that your like yeah I like this but I'm assuming other people don't.

poetry | Reviewer: lucia
    ------ About the song Garbadge Man performed by Hole

Time flies when you're falling down...............when things go wrong and everything just comes crashing down,it happens so fast before you can stop it.lovely lyrics.i wish i could write like Courtney

Amazing | Reviewer: Nessa boo
    ------ About the song Doll Parts performed by Hole

This one particular song reminds me of how i liked a guy and how i cant have him but for some reason, i know i have him. That sounds sooo confusing, but this is definately a song to listen to when you are in the need to want someone. Longing...

Facts... | Reviewer: Martin PL
    ------ About the song Celebrity Skin performed by Hole

Courtney Love was married to Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) for two years... Red Hot Chili Peppers toured with Nirvana during their marriage... Red Hot Chili Peppers made a song named "Californication" in 1998 (Published in 1999), and in the C-part of the song (Or bridge, whatever...) Anthony (Lead-singer) sings: "Celebrity Skin, is this your chin? Or is it war your waging?", referring to this very song...
... Interesting.... :)

I love HOLES | Reviewer: Reviewer #1
    ------ About the song Dig It performed by Hole

Holes has got to be the #1 movie in America still. Everyone loves the book, movie, and the song Dig It. Armpit is awesome, I think I know where Theodore got the name Armpit from (his stink). Watch Holes when it is on. It's mainly on Disney Channel or ABC Family.

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