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Deftones Hole In The Earth Lyrics

Last updated: 08/29/2011 11:00:00 AM

Can you explain to me how
You're so evil (how?)
It's too late for me now
There's a hole in the earth (a hole in earth)
There's a hole in the earth (a hole in the earth)
I'm out..

Can you explain to me now
If you're still able WHILST
I think you know the truth
There's a hole in the earth (a hole in the earth)
I'm out
I hate all of my friends
They all lack taste sometimes
There's a hole in the earth
I'm out..
There's a hole in the earth
Please take a bow...
This is the end (somewhere)
This is the end
There's a hole in the earth
There's a hole in the earth
I hate all of my friends
I'm out...
There's a hole in the earth

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you people make me sick | Reviewer: Futuramasexy | 8/28/11

definatly has nothing to do with Manson, I know you were just putting it out there but damn it wasnt even worth it... and for the "hollow earth" shit. HELL to the NO if the universe is in the earth explain the SUN and how astronaughts can fly out into space. I mean shit use some common knowledge and go to school damn.

hole in the earth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/09

you all seem confused..just so your clear.. Hole in the Earth was actually one of the last songs that Chino wrote for the album. And theres a deftones dvd that interviews them and states that "i hate all of my friends, they all lack taste sometimes" is in relevance to the fact that the band was pushing Chino to finish so they could get the album out and they actually got into a fight about it so he rushed to get it done, and and was pissed off at them .. hence the quote above.
im sure the song has more meaning than that but thats the main story behind it..
if u dont believe me just ask him

what I thought | Reviewer: Bill | 10/21/09

I think this is a great song, and has deep emotions tied with it. I thought it was about judgement day and having to explain yourself to God.

After looking up the lyrics the message is probably different then I thought. That is a great things about music: that a song can mean different things to any listener.

Wrong Losers! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/09

okay so some of you weirdo peoples are on the right page just not quite there yet.

It is about Chino hating the band members when he wrote it... He came up with Tabs and thought it would sound good for some random b/s that the were working on, but when the mates said "naw that would be no good," Chino wrote this. Came up with new tabs that had a message and chords that meant something.

This is the end means its the end of their friendship and no more Deftones. A hole in the Earth, i think not. His heart. Missing something... love.

and the obvious... I hate all of my friends.

Wow guys you really gotta stop making up rumors...

And i would know this for a fact because i actually happen to know them... I interviewed them but as a friend...
I actually heard what was really going down...

this song references hollow earth theory | Reviewer: kev | 5/5/09

the theory that there is, quite literally, a hole in the earth near the region of the north pole, which leads into a hollow earth, containing an advanced society.

i'm yet to see it disproved, i'm not necessarily saying i believe it to be a fact, but i wouldn't doubt it.

Sadness in the air. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/09

As much as i heard Chi cheng is now in hospital in a coma state.. a great artist, it think if someone stays in coma so long, they dont come back the same, he might be a different person when he comes back.

reply to holee by anonymous | Reviewer: nicole | 7/12/08

actually the song is about Chino feeling hated upon by the other band members during the difficult culmination and completion of their new album..just throwin it out there....
manson was nothing manson eats dick

Holeee. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/08

Although its HIGHLY doubtful that there is any connection whatsoever, I would just like to point out that....Charles Manson claimed he was going to lead his people to a hole on the earth.
Just puttin it out there.