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Billy Ray Cyrus Holding On To A Dream Lyrics

Last updated: 03/20/2008 12:00:00 PM

We are born with wings to fly
But sometimes we can’t reach that high
It feels like the sky is falling down

Against the odds, against the rain
You dig your heels in to slow that train
So many wishes in the lost and found
One little thing can turn it all around

Holding on to a dream
Trying to keep hope alive
You can reach out to me
You can reach down deep inside
When the whole world’s gone insane
A ray of light remains
These days you know it seems
Sometimes the hardest thing is
Holding on to a dream

At times you win, at times you lose
Sometimes life puts a rock in your shoe
But something in you keeps you walking on

Leave the fear and doubt in the past
Just believe, don’t look back

Chorus Bitchhhhhhhh

It feels like an endless fight
All up hill, but that’s all right

over 20 years ago my daddy was a contestant in the show downs
his dream was to stand on stage and share his music with the world
sometimes the road to your dream get rough and you might like giving up and letting go
my dad didnt let go and nether has these contestants
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