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Francesca Battistelli Hold Out For Love Lyrics

Last updated: 06/13/2012 12:00:00 PM

Spilled my heart drop by drop on the floor
Am I closer than I was before?
I'm trying to make some sense and trying to measure up
Trying to do what matters most
Some days I'm not so good, some days I'm not so bad
Maybe that's just how it goes
When it's not enough, I'll hold out for love

Maybe I'll fall down, get lost get found, then get back up
I'll just keep on finding my silver lining and hold out for love...
hold out for love

Take your time, take your time, breathe it in
Just enjoying the moment you're in
I wanna be the one who listens when you call
Wanna be a better friend
So why does it always feel like I'm just catching up
Looking out to find the end
When it's not enough, I'll hold out for love


When your heart's breaking... hold out for love
When your faith is shaken... hold out for love
When an angry word is spoken... hold out for love
Gotta keep your heart open, open, open for love