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Kanye West Hold On (Remix) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/05/2007 10:00:00 AM

(featuring Dwele & QMB)

uh oh uh oh uh
uh uh uh uh uh uh..
uh-uh uh uh uh uh uh uh..

Kanye to the..

I'm getting spins all day in L.A
Luv, we can go the D where Dwele dwell
D.C, P.G or ATL
Back in The CHI I made my life like the magazine
Honey wanna know the details about my Ebony
Well that's X-X-L
Far as the penthouse, yeah that's upscale
Mademoiselle got a hell of a Black tail
I'm feeling her vibe, her Body and Soul
I heard you stay in a metropolitan home
Well lets kill all the parlay'in and offer you a comsopolitan
Lets jet out the club, get some oxygen
Your friends claim I'm a player, you be lucky to keep me
But you know people gon' be talking 'bout us weekly
My car be, in a robbery, P.O.R.T but what's more important to me
is that you..

Open your ears
Don't allow these words to be ignored by years
Fearing lullibies, containing the same old lies (same old lies)
Dealing just to deal is just a crime
Besides I know you wouldn't mind
Trying something new so..

Let's (Let's)Try (Try)
We can work it out
If you let love(love) guide (guide)
The way that you feel for me
Oh(Oh) Why(Why)
Let this opportunity pass (pass) by (by)
You should hold on

Please don't resist (don't resist)
Bless those harmonies to me, escape your lips (escape your lips)
There's no need to go home
Just to dance alone (dance aloo-o-one)
I know you can't enjoy it on your own
Really I don't see nothing wrong
With you and I spending some time--

Also let me mention, (Oooh)
My only intention, (Oooh)
Is to feed you every single thing you hunger for---
In my heart I have to (Oooh)
And-- want to have you (Oooh)
So fulfilled that you will never need to ask for more--

Now someone told my girl that she's a trophy wife
Sorta like Grant Hill and Koby's wife
So when we at a club, and she be so polite
But when we back at home she be poltergeist
I mean provoking fights
Trying to poke me with knifes
And last time I tried to poke her she just told me goodnight
See her clothing be tight
She was pervert approved
So she gave up on life, now she don't wanna move
Hypnotized by the tube
So she stay with the clicker
In a cup full of liquor
Thinkin its makin her thicker
But its makin her slimmer
So our future is dimmer
I cant remember last time I took my baby to dinner
See I'm sayin' a sister who was freaky and ruthless
In a yorkshire terrier in the pocket with pooches
In a pocket with Gucc's
Was taking my lunch money
Just like the gooches
I'll tell you the truth miss

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the future of hip hop | Reviewer: kenisha moore | 9/6/2004

yes indeed it is kanye west he is running the game he is the best rapper alive since the best rapper retired he is a great performer rapper and super producer i got madd love for him although i still wonder who his fiance is well i have to say i was dissapionted when he didnt recieve the viewers choice award he should have i voted five times i cant wait till he he hit up my city w/the truth tour that is going to be hot if you havent heard his song w/do or die you have to its the best i wish the best for him and his carrer!

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