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Kirk Franklin Hold Me Now Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2013 04:09:01 PM

The spring of April is gone
The leaves have all turned brown
The children have all grown up
And there's no one around
I'm looking over my life and all the mistakes I made
And I'm afraid
Somebody told me that You would wash all my sins
And cleanse me from the scars that are so deep within
So I'm calling to You
If you can hear me
I don't know how
I was wondering can you hold me now
You are the only one that's patient when I fall
Your angels come to save me every time I call
You don't laugh at me when I make mistakes and cry
You're not like man
You understand me
See people change one day
They don't like you the next they do
I wish that everyone could love me just like You
So here I am this sinful man peace won't allow
I was wondering can you hold me now
I was wondering can you hold me now
To every broken person that may hear this song
To every boy or girl that feels their smile is gone
I know exactly how it feels to lay in the bed at night
And cry
And cry
Don't you worry God is faithful and He cares
About the tears you drop and the pain you feel He there
When you are weak that's when he's strong
Even though you don't know how
God can and he will hold you now
God can and he will hold you now
God can and he will hold you now
Don't you worry he can hold you now

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God cares | Reviewer: Dyllan de Wee | 3/22/13

God do wonderful work and he care about us even if not and he is there when you need.This song really touch my hart my hart.Kerk Franklin make wonderful work and God send a massage through him.

To God Be the Glory | Reviewer: Paulina Kitoko | 6/6/11

wow this is a wonderful song wow gods shown his greatness and has used this man as an instrument to get his word out there to the world to inspire and 2 remind people that god is real and that he loves us regardless of the state you're in

God is always here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/11

This song helped me recover from the scars because it reminded me that God is forever with me. It reminded me that God sees joy in my happiness an dfaith in Him. All He wants for me to never stop doing is to love Him and to trust Him

Let this Minister to you and heal your heart | Reviewer: Christy | 6/22/10

Between this song and "Help me Believe", I receive a special annointing of praise. This song ministered to my heart exactly as needed. It captured all that I've been going through and lifted my spirits. It gave me the release to cry and the release to heal. It gave me the comfort of knowing that not matter what I've been through; what I've been going through, God is always there for me. Thank you Kirk, you did it again!

it lifts me up | Reviewer: Rixongile | 9/1/09

For me this has been the one song that takes me to another level without having to think of all the problems that i have encoutered ,its my ultimate favourite song in like foever ,this is the best song ever

luff it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

i absoulutely love this song, it was sung at my school mass and it is really emotional i think it has the most heartwarming lyrics