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Iced Earth Hold At All Costs Lyrics

Last updated: 02/27/2013 01:23:42 PM

Just a mile or so away
Is my dearest friend in this world.
He wears the Blue and I the Grey
And god it hurts me so
The last time we were together I grabbed his hand and I pledged
If I ever draw my sword on you may the good lord strike me dead

The union flank's in trouble
To the round top on the double
A bad decision, insubordination
Exposed our line in a dangerous way

The burden lies upon us
Surrender is not an option
We are the flank, and if we break, the union crumbles we could lose the war

Down below's the carnage
The rebels charging onward
Push the slaughter forward, the Peach Orchard.
Through the Wheat Field and Devil's Den

The valour of the Texans
And Alabama's best men
They're Unrelenting
And Devastating
The last full measure of devotion's clear

We'll know what we're made of.
When up against all odds we hold our line
For the cause that we so love
We must hold at all cost
We'll know what we're made of
When our nation needs us
We'll stay the course, for the union we so love
We must hold at all costs!

Wave after wave, they are coming
Their power must be waning!
We're out of ammo, we can't fall back, no !
A desperate measure, a means to end

On their next wave we charge at them
There is no other option
Disconcert them, force submission, on my command, fix bayonets!

Repeat Chorus

We'll know what we're made of
The burden lies with us
When up against al odds we hold our line
We can't fail
For the cause that we so love
We must hold at all costs
We'll know what we're made of
With courage in our hearts
When our nation needs us, We'll stay the course
We won't fail
For the union we so love
We must hold at all cost!!

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Little round top | Reviewer: Jat | 2/27/13

This song is (as far as songs go) a good description of the key turning point of the battle Gettysburg. During this battle of little round top the 20th Maine held the hill against strong odds. The texans and Alabamans were able to push the 20th back against the hill were the 20th were force to charge the southerners and force their retreat.

Good star wars reference | Reviewer: Carl Snapper | 1/22/13

I tink that this song is about a lot of things especially star wars, and also kind of about life in general about how we're all going to have to hold it at all costs and it's like that part with the storm troopers and the rebel invaders and I think the round top they're talking about is the death star