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Hey mister, where you headed?
Are you in a hurry?
I need a lift to happy hour
Say oh no.

Do you brake for distilled spirits?
I need a break as well
The well that inebriates the guilt.
1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4

Cold turkey's getting stale
Tonight I'm eating crow
Fermented salmonella poison, oh no

There's a drought at the fountain of youth, and now I'm dehydrated
My tongue is swelling up, I say 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4

Troubled times, you know I can not lie
I'm off the wagon and I'm hitchin' a ride

There's a drought at the fountain of youth, and now I'm dehydrated
My tongue is swelling up, I say shit!

Troubled times, you know I can not lie
I'm off the wagon and I'm hitchin' a ride

I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride
I'm hitchin' a ride

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your mother barry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/12

hey fucking barry , ya know , FOD fuck off and die piece of crap, Green Day is the best band in the world, they're legen... wait for it motherfucker dary , my fav band , and they own all of my fav songs like going to pasalacqua, longview, in the end and jaded, so i hope you wont be there in the end when i come around , im so angry i wanna pull your teeth and your geek stink breath and put it in your ass and then throw you to the basket case so that you stay there , cuz you're a piece of garbage! oh i'm 14

Well, excuuuuuuse me, Barry! | Reviewer: DEREK ADMIN | 5/2/12

WHAT. THE. HECK!?!??!?! How can you have the sheer audacity to say "Hitchin' a ride" is the only good Green Day song? The only point I agree with you is that Jack Johnson is amazing; but Green Day is better.

Wait, are you saying that from nimrod to Bullet in a Bile (Basicaly American Idiot) there was only one good song? So, you ignore 21st Century Breakdown? Awesome as F**K? Really?

If you do not wish to be RAGED in the future, I suggest you keep you mouth shut.

hell yeah | Reviewer: Blood Bird | 12/1/11

Amen Anonymous. Green Day is the greatest rock band out there, which is the only real music out there. Modern Music sucks. N i'd prefer if haters commented on these pages, cuz then at least i'd know about it.

Dear Barry, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/11

Fuck off, Barry. You wanna say something about Green Day, go say it on a lyrics page of one of your stupid pop songs where there are actually no Green Day fans out there. And just so ya know, Green Day doesn't shout about teenage problems, pop singers do. All Bruno Mars sings about is women and sex and so does the rest of the pop singers. Rock is REAL music, unlike your alternated-instruments-to-sound-"good" pop. And for the record, don't say that this song is the ONLY good song out of Green Day's over 100 total songs, especially if you haven't listened to everyone of they're songs, which is highly likely. They have PLENTY of good songs, which of course to bad you can't enjoy them because you're listening to crappy music.

Best Band Ever!!!!! | Reviewer: GreenDayAreAwesome | 10/24/11

Green Day are the best band ever. Seriously, I don't know what I would do without them. Somedays, the only reason why I wanna stay awake is these guys. Hitchin A Rude is a great example of the awesomeness of this band. That riff is just so catchy, and Billie's voice is just so amazing. Legend of a song from a legend of a band.

DEAR BARRY, | Reviewer: ryan | 9/25/11

yeah umm what you said about Bruno Mars having musical talent is a lie... you can audibly hear the auto tune and the effects they add to their voice... also, their "instruments" are really just men sitting in front of their computer, creating drum tracks and really bad keyboard riffs. same with the guitar.

Hey Barry, go F.O.D.. | Reviewer: YourFavoriteNimrod | 9/19/11

Dear Barry,
Huh. Looks like we got another person that thinks Bruno Mars is good at singing. Newsflash: THEIR GAY. I'd hate to sound like a jerk and rain on your parade, but Green Day actually makes music that people can UNDERSTAND. I can't understand a single word in pop music. They sound like autotuned chipmunks on steroids for God's sake. And Barry, if you can't get this into your obvious thick skull, they you should go F.O.D for all of us. For Green Day. You have pushed us once too far. Some of us would like to break your fucking teeth. Some of us think that no one loves you and you know it. Hell, that could even be me. But seriously, don't come around to a lyric page where there's obviously gonna be FANS looking up lyrics. Ever heard of Punk, Barry? Or are you just a guy that listens to those fags we call pop music?

The words at the end of Hitchin' A Ride: | Reviewer: YourFavoriteNimrod | 9/18/11

I'm guessing you guys are probably wondering: "Huh. I wonder what Billie's saying at the end of Hitchin' A Ride.." Well, if your asking that question, look here. What Billie's saying, (and this is what he is saying), is "Say, birthday boys, hey." Just with a lot of mumbling. Also, great song. I love to play this on my guitar when I'm suffering from bordom, or I wanna have a Green Day moment.

Haha, Green Day!!! | Reviewer: Me. | 6/20/11

Sometimes i'm just listening to this song (like now) and i'm like....fuck, this is amazing. It's probably one of the best songs i've ever heard, and that's a lot coming from me as i've heard music from more bands than i can count. I love you Green Day(: Sometimes you are the reason i get up in the morning!!!!!<3
Now that i have a shitload of Green Day on my phone, I'm going to set this song as my alarm tone and always use my phone as an alarm so i am reminded of it's awesomeness every morning.(:
Green Day literally gets me high. If i listen to them for too long i get all stupid and fuzzy and slur my words xD loveyouloveyouloveyou!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 Green Day. They'll never be too old to rock the world, btw. Love you again, Billie, Mike, and Tre. GrEeNdAy. Fuck haters and people who spell Billie billy or call him BJ or pretend like the others dont exist. You three share my heart equally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 GGRREEEENN DDAAYY..............................................................<3

dear barry | Reviewer: nick k. | 6/13/11

Obviously music isn't something your accustomed to, or you were born in the late 90s because greenday sailed through those years as one of the biggest bands of the decade, they have more than one good song, such as maria, pop rocks and coke, longview, misery and a LOT more, your taste in music is horrid, bruno mars is a flaming homo who writes douchy love songs, and you call yourself a man?

From a musicians standpoint I like the simplicity of the song, which is how the lyrics are too, but its not supposed to be complex, its just fun, and for the record greendays new album sucks because when you stop doing the drugs that inspired you to write the new music its hard to be creative, and for any teenies out there reading this, the name green day means high all day, tell that to your mommies

Dear Barry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

Your joking right....you think bruno mars actually sings, more like autotune to make him sound good...also your comparing two completely different styles. If you don't like them Fck off and go bitch somewhere else

Green day suck | Reviewer: Barry | 3/26/11

This song is the only good song in a discography of utter balls. From Nimrod to Bullet in a bible and all that rubbish, seriously ONE GOOD SONG. Have you guys heard of music? Ever heard of Jack Johnson or Bruno Mars? These guys can actually sing, and the guitar is amazing! Green Day just shout about teenage problems - NEWS FOR YOU GUYS: you are not teenagers. Grow some hair on your nuts. The only reason I make an exception for this song, is that its derivative guitar riff is actually quite catchy.

2nd fave song | Reviewer: Jess | 2/24/11

this has to be one of the greatest songs in history! the only song tht is better is Platypus (I Hate You)! I hav to be one of the only teens in the world who worships Green Day nd despises justin bieber! Green Day rox thy always hav nd always will!

wat?! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/11

dude how can you NOT like green day's music now? they're great just as they were then!! to me green day is green day nd they just changed it to the modern way they do things now...it doesn't matter if it's weird it's still green day...you should except it if your ah hard core fan like me:)

past, present, and future rides | Reviewer: Tara | 11/27/10

I jumped on the Green Day wagon in the early-mid 90's as a teen. It was the Dookie album. I was hooked. I enjoyed it so much I took it with me when I left the country for a few years. I've enjoyed other songs put out since then, but none as much as this. It's the raw melody of Billie's voice that seduces while Tre just POUNDS away... ok, I'm sure you caught the inuendos.

Anyhow, thanks guys, for your creativity. I look forward to more in the future.

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