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Zion I Hit Em' Up Lyrics

Last updated: 11/05/2012 02:00:39 PM

May be rather than have another one for life
It feels okay a girl like you to love but not simple what I feel toward you describe
I wonna take it slow you think you are not the only one in my life
I rather be alone and othertimes fast and I hope before you jump to
Conclusion you give me a chance
If its okay with youd to atlist express because without you love my audience I could not
Beable to impress
All you have brought me is alot of jovianess and before you say you
Love me know I had you interest
Other girls tend to make it more complex
Because I say I dont love them and its hard for them to accept
Make me yours and they will finaly accept
And baby trust me you will have no regret
And I love it when I hear a bout you dream wed
And I try my best to become your husband insteand
To love and share the same bed
Baby I can never harm you
Am here to love you,am here to love you
Never leave you be there for you

If you have a problem with no solution
Try to identify and find a conclusion
But from my own school of thought maybe
You dont want to solve it because you know
Am the only solution
Lets have a romantic date where we try to identify our fate
And when we part lets kiss and make
And promise we will never go in different ways
They want me to let it go but with you girl and I declare
And say no
And they love I dont want it at all
For I know you are with me whether I rise or fall
I have been knocked down but I am not ready give you up
And girls tring to seduce me am fed up
For I only want you to do that whether its at day or night
And dont let any conversation end to be a fight
And swear to me that you will be my best bride
For that can only give me a sence of pride
To you alway be true even with no need of been watched on my way through

Baby I can never harm you
Am here to love you,am here to love you
Never leave you be there for yoExplainu
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