Hilltop Hoods Lyrics

The Hilltop Hoods are the face of Australian hip-hop.

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, the supergroup
consist of MCs Suffa & Pressure and DJ Debri. Their name
originates from a part of Adelaide known by all local
B-Boys (someone who identifies with the hip-hop culture
(consisting of MCing, Breaking (break dancing) and graffing
(graffiti)) as the Hilltop, where they were born and
raised. Another local rapper, Flak, from the group Cross
Bred Mongrels, recommended ‘Hilltop Hoods’ and the name

Suffa & Pressure were in More...

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Review about Hilltop Hoods songs
Fkn EPIC song | Reviewer: Josh
    ------ About the song The Nosebleed Section performed by Hilltop Hoods

Im a kiwi (we dont really like aussies) but this song is sum sick as shit, i found it while listening to I Love it also by Hilltop Hoods, and im really happy i did,
cos its just so good dude
Loving it!

Help me!!! | Reviewer: Nup.
    ------ About the song The Nosebleed Section performed by Hilltop Hoods

I can't get this song on iTunes! This is officially the saddest day of my life. People need to recognise us Aussies, this song is amazing. I want to have it so I can listen to it all the time. Is there any way I can get it onto my iPad without having to buy it through iTunes? Help me!

Um, no | Reviewer: Adude
    ------ About the song Recapturing The Vibe performed by Hilltop Hoods

Pretty sure Pressure is just saying that he's so skillful with words that if he were equally as skillful when it comes to pimping, he would be "a little richer". Because pimping probably pays more than his current job. That's it. Do you guys at the top have a problem or something?

Unsurpassable | Reviewer: MM MG
    ------ About the song An Audience With the Devil performed by Hilltop Hoods

Hilltop Hoods produce the most talented piece of works this world may ever see. They deserve a spot on a presidential level, because what they believe in and understand is reality. The only thing they lack is platinum sales and a whitehouse. Unsurpassabley brilliant, the highest step on the staircase.

Like Anonymous said, there's another version | Reviewer: Tor F
    ------ About the song Stopping all Stations performed by Hilltop Hoods

Stopping All Stations Restrung, to be exact, where it gets a different ending. Heard both songs just today and couldn't figure out why there was a difference, now it makes sense.

Reinterpreting the vibe | Reviewer: Dels
    ------ About the song Recapturing The Vibe performed by Hilltop Hoods

I've always thought the words to that line were..."if I could treat women like I do words I'd be living literature". Even after learning what the real words are I still prefer my interpretation and I'm gonna stick to it cos it makes me smile. You can use it too if it means you can enjoy the song more. I play it as I'm running out of steam on a jog (which means its pretty much on repeat)!

Prostitutes | Reviewer: Snaggle
    ------ About the song Recapturing The Vibe performed by Hilltop Hoods

I take the prostitution line to mean that he can't pimp women, because he knows it's wrong to objectify women as a product.
It's cool to see people getting intellectual about lyrics. I dig that shit.
Maybe you guys should avoid the Funkoars tho. Or at least their earlier stuff. Like *ahem* the Greatest Hit.

um hi | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Nosebleed Section performed by Hilltop Hoods

Im Australian and i actually live in colo vale wich is right next to Hilltop in the southern highlands ive only recently realised that they dont come from there recently cuz when i was little my older brother lied and said thats where they where from but stuff that, if i where to choose a song from eminem, drapht or the hilltop hoods it would be this one ( so what if i cant spell u can still understand this right )

Maybe missed the point | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Recapturing The Vibe performed by Hilltop Hoods

Just a note on the prostitution line. It bothered me at first too, till I analysed it a little. My take is that it's a comment on society. Pressure's not glorifying pimping, or saying that it would be a good thing to do. With that line he's asking you to consider the type of world that rewards the ability to abuse and exploit women, while failing to reward outstanding talent in other areas (ie rapping). In other words, what does it say about *us* that the level of talent these guys possess, applied to criminal/immoral practises, would be far more profitable than applying it legitimately?

Also note his earlier line 'And those gracious folk with no status, I made this flow for you...', which tells you exactly who the pimping line is aimed at: those good folk who've been dealt a rougher hand simply because they've chosen the moral or ethical path.

Misinformation | Reviewer: PashionalMuso
    ------ About the song Hilltop Hoods performed by Hilltop Hoods

This review really is for whoever published these lyrics for Nose Bleed Section by Hill Top Hoods.

This is an amazing song, but I thought I would just point out the title of this song is acually 'Nosebleed Section' and the artist is 'Hill Top Hoods'. And another thing, you have put too many brackets in where they arn't needed. You are being too pedantic with your lyrics here.

Apart from all of that, these lyrics are great, and so is the song. But I'm so happy to see that these lyrics are acually correct, there are so many lyrics out there that are completely wrong, and it dissappoints me, but these are perfect!

The song is so good there is nothing more I can say, I love Hill Top Hoods!

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