Hilltop Hoods Albums

  • Walking Under Stars Album (8/8/2014)
    The Thirst Pt. 4
    Walking Under Stars
    Cosby Sweater
    The Art Of The Handshake
    Live And Let Go
    Pyramid Building
    Through The Dark
    Won't Let You Down
    Rumble, Young Man, Rumble
    I'm A Ghost
    The Thirst Pt. 5
    Bonus Track
    The Art of The Handshake (Plutonic Lab Remix)

  • Drinking From The Sun Album (3/9/2012)
    The Thirst (Part 1)
    Drinking From The Sun
    I Love It
    Lights Out
    Living In Bunkers
    Speaking In Tongues
    Now You're Gone
    Good For Nothing
    Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom
    The Thirst (Part 2)
    The Underground
    Shredding The Balloon
    The Thirst (Part 3)

  • State Of The Art Album (6/12/2009)
    The Return
    Super Official
    Chase That Feeling
    She's So Ugly
    Still Standing
    Classic Example
    Chris Farley
    The Light You Burned
    Parade Of The Dead
    Last Confession
    Fifty In Five

  • The Hard Road: Restrung Album (5/23/2007)
    The Hard Road Restrung
    Stopping All Stations Restrung
    Conversations Of A Speakeasy Restrung
    An Audience With The Devil Restrung
    Monsters Ball Restrung
    Breathe Restrung
    What A Great Night Restrung
    Obese Lowlifes Restrung
    City Of Light Restrung
    Clown Prince Restrung
    Recapturing The Vibe Restrung
    Roll On Up

  • The Hard Road Album (4/1/2006)
  • The Calling Album (1/1/2003)
  • Left Foot, Right Foot Album (6/1/2001)
  • A Matter Of Time Album (3/1/1999)

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    Hilltop Hoods Review | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album The Calling performed by Hilltop Hoods

    Hilltop Hoods are THE greatest hip hop group to come out of Australia and as an Australian myself I'm GREATLY proud to come from the same great nation as them. when i first heard their magical lyrics and ripping beats I just lost it and i immediately fell in love with the sounds that were playing before me. If you love The Hilltop Hoods as much as I do, than surely you'll know where I'm coming from.

    The Calling is a fairly late album but definitely not the latest. its got a lot of up-beat sounds and some that are just simply poetic. My personal favorite "The Nosebleed Section" is a really up-beat song and will be sure to get you in a good mood. Listen to the Album and listen how their lyrics are so magnificently triumphant at taming the bea't.

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