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Hillsong United Biography

Last updated: 05/17/2014 08:47:03 PM

Hillsong United is an Australian Christian rock and worship band. They started as the youth ministry band from Hillsong Church in Australia. Their music is praise and worship with a contemporary style that is a mix of contemporary Christian music and mainstream rock. The band was formerly named "United Live" and was led by Reuben Morgan and Marty Sampson. United Live made its first album on 1999 when worship pastor, Darlene Zschech suggested to Reuben that they make an album. (This has been mentioned by Reuben in the United We Stand DVD in the documentary section) Following the advice, Reuben and Marty led the team to make their very first album, Everyday. From there they made 3 more albums with Reuben. They changed the band name from "United Live" to Hillsong United after Reuben's departure in 2002. Joel Houston, the son of the church's senior pastor, replaced Reuben, and stepped up to lead the group together with Marty. The band has toured in a number of countries, and their 2006 release United We Stand was the best selling album of 2006 in Canada at Christian retail stores.

Other members of Hillsong United include Jonathon Douglass (J.D.), Jadwin Gilles, Annie Garratt, Bec Gilles and Michelle Fragar who is the daughter of Russell Fragar also associated with Hillsong. Michael Guy Chislett plays guitar for Hillsong United and Matthew Tennikoff plays bass guitar. Popular New Zealand artist Brooke Fraser also makes contributions to the Hillsong United albums, (2005-) most recently in "All Of The Above" with the song "Hosanna" among others.