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Tracy Lawrence Hillbilly With A Heartache Lyrics

Last updated: 09/19/2000 03:28:56 AM

He's a hard workin' easy goin' country boy, he wouldn't harm a fly
Nadine down at the hair salon promised she would be his bride
He took it hard when she ran off with the beauty supply salesman
But that's how romance goes sometimes but Herschel don't understand
He'll play the same sad song on the old jukebox
Drink up every dime he's got
He'll peel out in his pickup truck, sling gravel through the parking lot
You wouldn't wanna tangle with a grizzley bear
or step on a copperhead snake
So if you cross his path you better beware, been wounded by a woman
He's a hillbilly with a heartache
He was gonna buy her a modular home with no wax linoleum floors
Now his mama's worried cause he don't drop by to watch wrestling anymore
He just rides around with a loaded shotgun hangin' in his rifle rack
If I was that smooth talk' city boy
I'd sure be watching my back
(Repeat Chorus)
Them big old arms that used to hold her tight
Cound bring about any man down
When a good ol' boy's been hurt real bad
He just don't give a damn
(Repeat Chorus)
Been wounded by a woman
He's a hillbilly with a heartache