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Dolly Parton Hillbilly Willy Lyrics

Last updated: 02/11/2003 08:49:52 PM

Writer Dolly Parton
Copyright 1967

Now little Will was from the hills a way back in the styx
He got his reputation from turning on them country chicks
He drove a super hot rod car but he he could really
Knock those little girls off their feet yeah hillbilly Willy
He'd talk that ol' sweet lovers talk with a hillbilly drawl
Willy wasn't much for looks he was only five feet tall
When he talked that ol' sweet talk he drove those little girls silly
They stood in line waitin' for their time to court hillbilly Willy
Then this country cyclop who measured six foot nine
Came up to little Will and said (you stole that little girl of mine)
Then there was an awful brawl boy it was a dilly
When the fighting stopped there on top stood hillbilly Willy
Now the moral of this story is to be a lover you got to be tough
Even if you're just five feet tall you got to be able to strut your stuff
Now to all you lovers in radio land if your lovelife's a little chilly
Bear in mind the rough tough kind like hillbilly Willy
Just bear in mind the rough tough kind like hillbilly Willy
Thanks to Audrey Boadway for submitting Hillbilly Willy Lyrics.