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Living easy, living free
Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be
Taking everything in my stride
Dont need reason, dont need rhyme
Aint nothing I'd rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too, yeah

Im on the highway to hell
on the highway to hell
highway to hell
im on the highway to hell

No stop signs, speed limit
Nobodys gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobodys gonna mess me round
Hey satan, payed my dues
Playing in a rocking band
Hey momma, look at me
Im on my way to the promised land

Im on the highway to hell
highway to hell
im on the highway to hell
highway to hell

Don't stop me
yeah, yeah, owwww

im on the highway to hell
on the highway to hell
im on the highway to hell
on the highway to...HELL
highway to hell
im on the highway to hell
highway to hell
highway to hell
highway to hell
momma, highway to highway to hell

And Im going down, all the way down
Im on the highway to hell

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Real Lyrics To Highway to Hell "nigger....jews..." | Reviewer: Christian | 8/11/14

"She's a nigger on a one way ride"
"Hey satan, hey there jews"

I have a book of rock tab from my youth with these lyrics in it for the song "Highway to Hell" by ac/dc. It gives the publising company and songwriters' names and it's all correct. Buy books people. The internet is attempting to rewrite history.

Jesus saves!

satanic ??? | Reviewer: Anonymous31 | 2/27/14

Think song is not related to religion cause this song is revered to a highway in Australia which is like in hell traffic jams, accident and satan they use it just to describe the highway. That's my opinion and not related to religion

SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! | Reviewer: b09 | 1/13/14


Heil Satan! | Reviewer: Ricknroll | 1/8/14

This song rocks! god and co. don't exist. I'm sorry christians, but people that need support from a non-existent man are called WEAK. Isn't true that when you swear to god he kills you? Let me think... i sweared like... ten thousand times? And i'm still here, never went in an hospital and i'm fine as a fish. Btw AC/DC is the best band and fuck you all.

The Danish Handyman in Jerusalem... | Reviewer: Lucifer | 9/11/13

Been a BIG fan of AC/DC since 79'.
HIGHWAY TO HELL has since I heard first time ALLWAYS made sence to

When I was younger I spent a lot of time riding around Denmark on my Honda 400..

Later I had to skip Denmark - cause the cops wanted to put me i jail..
Yeahh.. U got I went to the 'Promised Land' aka Israel.. lol
1 year in Tel Aviv
1/2 year in Eilat
2 years in Jerusalem (living at Petra Hostel in the old City..)
And the last half year back in Eilat..

What can I tell U about the 'Promised Land'...?
Thiefs, whores, corruption, racisme, fanatics thats what I saw a LOT of.

By the way - a lot of the People in the Old City of Jerusalem (Specially in King David Street) called ME Lucifer.. ;-)
If U EVER get the chance to go there just ask the about Mr.Farid / Lucifer and they'll tell U about the Danish Handyman..

HELL's REAL!.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/13

..It would be a risky venture to live life outside of Christ..if there's no hell,heaven or God(like some have posted)how come there's a devil that some of you reverence(with evil horned-mask?..as far as I am concerned, the Bible is the only testament from God..hell's for unbelievers(those that didn't live for Jesus)but it's just ironic that there are no unbelievers in hell because all those that are there have believed that HELL's real..

Damn obsession in religion. | Reviewer: Ed | 6/9/13

Guys, guys, just look at it this way. I play this song when I'm on my way to school.
You see, I'm Christian. And, I don't give any meaning to this song, and it means YOU ALSO DON'T HAVE TO.
Damn, you're becoming obsessed in your religions. "Hell" means many things, like college (yeah. Damn it), or maybe some place you don't like to go, or maybe something you wanna do.

No obsession. C'mon, you're becoming dumb because of religion obsession.

A short prayer to whom you know whom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/13

The most profound AC/DC song ever! It has various meanings for listeners. To this fan it comes across as chiefly being the anthem of a bad ass taking his last ride and has no hope of salvation. He only has hell to look forward to and with drunken courage make his peace with his destiny.
It could be a prayer to the Devil to keep him and his friends safe when they are on treacherous roads.

The Published Highway To Hell Lyrics are WRONG! | Reviewer: Hooper | 1/22/13

Bon Scott unambiguously says "she's a nigger on a one way ride." If you don't believe it, attenuate everything but his voice using audio editing software, then slow it down. It's as plain as the nose on your face.

what a load of shit | Reviewer: belfastbees | 1/4/13

AC/DC are my consistently favourite band, since BIB. Unfortunately I never saw Bon live. Brians OK, but the early stuff is much better.
What I've read on the matter is that the Highway to hell references:
1. the hectic touring schedule as it was written travelling across US where they were not yet known.
2. A local reference in Oz for a shitty road at the end of which was a infamous bar, possibily where Rosie was met, but thats another story.
Its not the Devils music. Its very much Blues based Rock and Roll.
Best album, Powerage. Not one throw-away song at all.

Religion get out | Reviewer: Julius | 12/4/12

Hey peeps just mentioning isn't rock music music of the devil ? If so why the hell are religious people listening and waisting my time and yours posting on here !
Rock n roll will save the world !

Awesome | Reviewer: Julius | 12/4/12

I wish I was on the highway to hell. One of the best songs ever and all those happy clappy religious people who say the is satanits give up become a atheist .
Best guitar song ever.

I think Jesus Christ for saving me every time I hear "Highway To Hell." | Reviewer: Richard | 6/2/12

Jesus Christ Died for me and I received His free gift because the Lord gave it to me. The Holy Spirit taught and gave the opportunity, I asked and received. I do not have to worry about eternity in Hell. I am Saved because He loved me that much. Everybody has eternal life...you spend it in Hell or Heaven. Any person can ask to be Saved and Jesus will Save you from Hell.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved, and thy house. Acts 16:31

Take off your Christian blindfold... | Reviewer: Castimonia | 5/23/12

... and realize this song is not about being Satanic or anti-Christians. Jesus said it is our HEARTS that determine who we are. That being said, the lyrics of this song are an indication that if we live our lives our earthly of control then we're headed to Hell! You should be praising God for putting those lyrics into AC/DC's members to write down. Sounds a lot like a warning to me.

Remember, God will use even non-believers (Babylonians and in this case AC/DC) to accomplish His will!

... | Reviewer: Nasty Mr. Monket | 3/8/12

You people are ridiculous. Just because people sing the lyrics doesn't mean they're singing them.

AC/DC aren't Satanists. It's like saying Mick Jagger killed a Tsar in St. Petersburg and rode tanks for the Nazis because he sang about them in Sympathy For the Devil.

One of the reason I love certain songs are their meanings, but that doesn't mean they should be taken literally.

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