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Off By One High School Lyrics

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Did you hear that mikey kissed a girl
Could it be your girlfriend or some other stupid hoe
Did you hear that Timmy shaved his hair
How much do you bet Janes not wearing underwear
Her IQ is smaller that her skirt
She pretends she wants it but she is just a flirt
Joey slept with Susan and now they're going out
Get ready cause

This is high school

Passing notes about what happened Saturday night
Is it possible that there could be a fight
Meet at the oak tree approximately 3pm
I will beat your ass cause now you抮e in high school

Now you're in high school

Oh how we love these high school days
Don't want to leave wish we could stay
I'll really miss those cheerleaders
They are the highlight of my year

Did you hear about how Mr. Halls
Turns his back to the class so he can scratch his balls
Susans dumping joey she says he sucks in bed
But not as good as she does

This is high school

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love it! | Reviewer: kristen | 5/29/2007

this song kept me laughing all the way to graduation and is still the song i remember most when i think of high school. i love it!

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a good song | Reviewer: Kristen H. | 9/16/2004

i just wanted to say that i just heard this song today and i love this band now. i would definitely advise someone to go out and buy this cd b/c if one of their songs rock, im sure all of them will. i love the punk/pop-punk style of music and this band is definitely gonna be added to my list of best bands.

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