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Bowling for Soup High School Never Ends Lyrics

Last updated: 02/12/2014 06:55:15 PM

Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh
Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh

4 Years you think for sure
That's all you've got to endure
All the (total dicks)
All the Stuck-up Chicks
So superficial, so immature

Then When you graduate,
Ya take a look around and you say "Hey Wait!"
This is the same as where I just came from,
I thought it was over, Aw that's just great.

The Whole Damn World is just as obsessed
With who‘s the best dressed and (who's having sex)
Who‘s got the money. Who (gets the honeys)
Who‘s kinda cute and who‘s just a mess

And you still don't have the right look
And you don't have the right friends
Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends

High School Never Ends
Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh
Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh

Check out the popular kids
You'll never guess what Jessica did!
And how did Mary Kate (lose all that weight?)
And (Katie had a baby so I guess Tom's straight!)

And the only thing that matters,
Is climbing up that social ladder
Still care about your hair and the car you drive
Doesn't matter if you're 16 or 35

Reese Witherspoon, she's the Prom Queen
Bill Gates, Captain of the chess team
Jack Black, the clown
Brad Pitt, the quarterback

Seen it all before
I want my money back!

The Whole (damn) World is just as obsessed
With who's the best dressed and (who's having sex)
Who's (in the club and who's on the drugs)
(And who's throwin up before they digest)

And you still don't have the right look
And you don't have the right friends
(And you still listen to the same shit you did back then)

High School Never Ends
Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh
High School Never Ends


The Whole Damn World is just as obsessed
With who‘s the best dressed and (who's having sex)
Who‘s got the money. Who (gets the honeys)
Who‘s kinda cute and who‘s just a mess

And I still don't have the right look
And I still have the same 3 friends
And I'm pretty much - the same as - I was back then(hold en)

High School Never Ends
Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh
High School Never Ends

Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh
High School Never Ends

Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh
Here We Go Again

Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh, Oh Oh Oh-Oh

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Me laughing through the song!!! | Reviewer: thatkid | 2/12/14

That is exactly what happens in high school. See one kid is trying to take notes while the other dude is spit-balling him. Now i am only in 7th grade,but i watch a lot of teen dramas. Obviously mean girl vs new girl happens more than it should. Scrawny taking down the quaterback happens a bunch. I'm the spotanious wierd kid so nobody really picks on me or my friends. But we need to learn to forgive and forget or something. I can't for a high school education!!!!!

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/13

This song is very good, because it shows insecure people can be mo matter if you're 16 or 35. I am going into high school in three months, and I am probably going to try to scare as many people as I can.

EXACTLY (sorry about the swearing, I'm like that) | Reviewer: spicychicken | 1/24/13

I'm a country girl, so they complain about horse poop.
I'm a bookworm so people take my book and put the bookmark in randomly.
I'm not at all popular, but I have my own friends.
I'm in Tae Kwon Do so people kick me and ask why I didn't block it.
I am a person who sits in the back and controls herself when there's a sub.
I can shove you on your arse with my pinkie so people ask me why I don't.
Our shower has maybe worked 2 weeks this year and people say to my face that I smell like "shit on a shingle". Makes sense if I'm the only one that breaks a sweat in Phys. Ed.

IT,S SO COOL!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: sasuke | 12/21/12

it's the best song i ever heard!!!!! . you know i almost drooling
when i hear this song . i love this song forever . and we cannot be proud of ourself just because we popular isn't it right you guys . and i'm a malaysian girl

BOWLING FOR SOUP IS AWESOME! | Reviewer: jennifer | 10/21/12

i love every song from u guys i know im 8 but i luv u guys when we die,high school never ends,girl all the bad guys want and punk rock 101 are the songs i heard i knew u on the 3 one i wrote right now

Okay... | Reviewer: Christie | 6/16/12

Okay , so every school has their outcasts , their clichés , jocks , nerds (no offence) , snobs and stuff , but no-one is really that different. All those cheerleading meanys ( no offence to the ones that are nice) have just got to accept that we can't change our appearance , we can't change our voice , we can't change who we are . PEOPLE WHO ARE MEAN TO OTHERS 'COZ THEY THINK THAT THEY'RE BETTER THAN EVERYONE: Calling someone fat doesn't make you thin.
Calling someone ugly doesn't make you pretty.
Calling someone dumb doesn't make you smarter.
Calling someone a bitch doesn't mean you aren't one.

Personaly , I class myself as an outcast. I have purple hair , twenty odd piercings , I always sit at the back of the class , I don't have any friends , I never talk to anyone in my school , oh , and I'm British . It doesn't matter who we are , because we are original , we can't be replaced

High School Sucks! | Reviewer: Grace | 4/16/12

This song is so true. I'm the cute unpopular girl who is a total outcast;I only have a few friends because I just don't want to be popular because the majority of those girls are all so shallow and the deepest thing that they can talk about is the major factors of split ends,or how it's so important to be dating or go to prom. I really like boys and get a crush on a cute guy every now and then,but I just don't really care about that kind of stuff.

Just another outcast | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/12

I would have considered myself an outcast in school, I was the one who got beat up on the playground and picked on. I look back at it though and realize that it still happens now I'm just not the one getting the worst of it anymore. It's pretty ridiculous. Why people feel the need to make others feel poorly about themselves is just silly. It never changed no matter how old you are, you just learn to surround yourself by the people who matter. "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

love the music video and the song even more! | Reviewer: orgy | 7/6/11

I was totally stoked to this song when I first heard it on kerrang! a week ago!
found it completely relate-able!
In school, me and my friends are the outcast, the indies, the nerds, the emos, the rockers (or whatever you'd define us as)

we're the ones that get teased for no apparent reason(which sucks) but hey! at least we don't give a damn!

we have our own friends outside the mixed up world of our school, whom are also outcasts.

i just like the message in this song! totally awesome!

we aint gonna conform to anything(thats for sure)

i'd rather be the sad kid in the back of the room, always being teased, than be the socially prying kid, trying to fit in

1st kinder 2nd elementry 3rd jr high school 4th HIGH SCHOOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/11

im in elementry school and its kinda weird cause i dont like sayin this but its weird that stuff in the song relate to my life in reality like i still have the same 3 freinds like i did back then and my freind mike people says he gets the hotties and ayona people say that shes gonna be the future prom queen (alot of people like her but i dont me and my freind inmarie think she is ugly) whos just a mess is john cause he is such a weirdo he goes every were talkin to random people !well i cant say anything else so!

SO TRUE. | Reviewer: India | 2/27/11

I love this song.
It's so true.
I'd be the girl that walks around with her "indie" clothes and has older friends. Kind of the outcast, but more on the not wanting to fit in to the cliques rather than being left out...

Love it | Reviewer: That Dorky Girl :) | 2/16/11

I'm that dork that's sitting in the corner of the library reading lord of the rings with her big fat black-rimmed glasses. The one who's laughing her head off in the middle of Geometry cuz the teacher got the example problem wrong. I'm the one learning to speak Na'vi, because I'm just that awesome.
I choose to stick out and do what I want, and I'll never change. I'm proud of this, and it's just the way I'll be. :D

Zach is the total dick in the song | Reviewer: Amaya Sakaruta | 2/15/11

look im not in high school im in middle school and i just want to say that 1 i dont agree with the "all-rejects-grow-up-to-be-rich-boses-of-the-kids-who-picked-on-them" theory because im going to grow up to be a badass writer and i'll be damned if i turn out to be a software maker. yes im the reject of teh school, and people dont give you shit they try to make you feel like you're an inferior person. if you think that anyone who gets picked on, gets picked on because its their fault and they deserved it because they're just peices of shit for not fitting in and following the rules you made, you've never been picked on. the school system is a shitty place where kids are locked in a power struggle for six years of their lives. i mean, if not bowing down to what's exected of you makes you deserve to get trampled on by the ones who make teh expectations, we'd all be ruled by some monarch. the outcasts are the rebels who question the rules, otherwise we'd still be in teh dark ages.

peace out yo

Wow!! | Reviewer: Evelyn | 12/29/10

Everything in that song is true, I'm a senior and my boyfriend is a jock, my brother is a nerd, I'm a cheerleading and my boyfriend friend make fun of my brother plus I don't do anything because if I do they'll kick me out of the squad so I don't know....? And my new friend is emo girl and the cheerleading squad says that I can't hang out with (and they said it like this) You can't hang out with no emo bitch. So I stop hanging out with her and one day she told me why I won't hang out with her and I screamed at her "DON'T TALK TO ME YOU CUTTING UGLY BITCH" because the cheerleading squad was there. The Next day, She died because I said that to her and I feel so terrible. :)

Don't judge :) | Reviewer: Jasmine:) | 11/18/10

Guys, the song isn't taking a stab at jocks, or nerds, or prom queens, it's just stating that everywhere you go the stereotypes stay the same... If you were classed as a "nerd" or a "jock" or anything in between, the stereotypes generally stick, but they really don't have to... High school is the time in your life where you need to really just accept people for what they are, because miss prom queen might never know what she's missing out on in the drama department, and sir jock over there may just find perfection in the captain of the poetry club :) don't judge people before you know them, stereotypes are silly :) <3