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Kaiser Chiefs High Royds Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2012 10:15:47 AM

I remember nights out when we were young,
They weren't very good, they were rubbish
Running round Highroyds isn't fun,
Just teenagers testing their courage

Standing outside nightclubs in the snow
Is not very cool or impressive
They let in all the girls from the year below
No need for IDs with those dresses

Got news from afar
From a girl who knows who we are
She's still got my dinner money
And she can keep it!

Never had a fight that we haven't lost
We're not very tough or athletic
Once I had a boxing champ in a headlock
And when he gets out I'll regret it

Got keys to a car
Picked up a girl from Boston Spa
For fast food and the cinema
It's not worth it!

Got word from down south
Well he had heard about it word of mouth
Haven't much stayed in touch
Since Highroyds

Let it go and let it go,
And if I'm wrong then I won't know
'Cos no-one's gonna tell me but a friend
But he has gone and Ian's gone, and everybody went along
And nobody was left there in the end.

Got news from Uncle Hugh
Through a second cousin once removed
It's too late, there's a housing estate
It's called Highroyds!

Got a text from an ex
She wants to know when we're in London next
"and will you write a song about me?"
I don't think so!
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