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We were talking together
I said, "what's up with this weather?"
Don't know whether or not
How sad I just got
Was of my own volition.
Or if I'm just missing the sun

And tomorrow, I know,
Will be rainy at best.
And the forecast, I know,
Is that I'll be depressed.

But I'll wait outside
Hoping that I'll catch sight of the sun.

Because on and off,
The clouds have fought
For control over the sky

And lately the weather
Has been so Bi-polar
And Consequently so have I

But now I'm sunny with a High
of 75
Since You took my heavy heart
And made it light

And its funny how you find
You enjoy your life
When you're happy to be alive


And the temperature is freezing
And then, after dark,
There is a cold frost sweeping
In over my heart

And we might break up
If I don't wake up to the sun


Sunny with a High of 75
Since You took my heavy heart
And made it light (made it light)

And its funny how you find
You enjoy your life
When you're happy to be...

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Easy to tell. | Reviewer: Music Major | 4/19/12

The meaning of any song, is to effect a person in their own way with their own different views. But overall it does have a positive meaning, and out come over struggles in the past, present, and future.

they speak straight to my heart | Reviewer: Mark L of Souless | 8/19/10

these lyrics speak to the heart i mena me and my girlfriend hav had alot of ups and downs in the 3 years me and her hav been together... the day we met was the day me and her started up our band Souless and we hav fallen out plenty of times and went and wrote songs about it but to be honest Relient K aren't the best at writing lyrics and i'm hopeless at it but the meaning of the song makes up for it but 'High of 75' speaks to the heart and the lyrics are great can't fault them but i noticed they improved on writing lyrics becuase i hav listened to a lot of there stuff and the lyrics get better as they write more songs the better their lyrics are becoming.

Brenda Guevara | Reviewer: Brenda | 10/30/09

In this sonq hes tryinq tuu say When Theres Sun out He and His qirlfried are happy and are just a wondurfull couple but when its cold theres a 50% they miqht break up,, Just listen and pay qood attention tuu the lyrics=]]

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/09

I believe that this song means that no matter what the weather is, he's found a way to stay happy. They're saying that normally the weather would change your mood but with God you can always find something to be happy about. This isn't the only life you will live, you should still live it to it's full potential, but God gives us life after death(and taxes).

hobby anyone? | Reviewer: Scizzo | 9/19/09

these people need to get a hobby or have some fun outside or something. What is so depressing anyway. I have a 5 yr old daughter who will never be ok, she has Rett's syndrome and may lose her ability to walk and feed herself as well and I am not depressed. I'm 30 yrs old, both parents are dead, Grandpa and Dad died when I was 8, Mom, 4 yrs ago, and Grandma is going too, but I'm a pretty happy guy and it isn't because God loves me either. It's because I don't walk around in self pity or self loathing, if you don't screw up you have no reason to go through life like that. Enjoy your life and cherish what you do with it, it's the only one you will ever get!!!

I love Relient K. And esp. this song!! | Reviewer: Anna C. | 11/13/08

I can relate with anonymous who says that she is young and who has "been there done that." This is exactly the case for me! I am not very old at all and feel depressed or mildly happy a lot of the time. This song really cheers me up and reminds me that JC loves me!!

I want to thank my older sister for introducing me to Relient K.

Relient K is so amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/08

I love the lyrics to 'High of 75' mainly because of how I've "been there, done that". For a period in my life, I was either extremely depressed or just mildly happy. I'm young, but I have experienced how depression can affect your mood, life, friends, and family. I love this song. I agree with Jesska Laird, these lyrics are so creative and unique. PRAISE GOD!! HE SAVES US FROM HEAVY HEARTS!!

LOVE it!!!- | Reviewer: Savannah | 10/3/07

this song makes me so happy and helps me get through the day because it reminds me of God's Love 4 me!!

My theme song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/07

This song really disgribes what I've been going through latly and I have officaily made it my theme song!

Creative. | Reviewer: Jesska Laird | 3/3/07

I love the lyrics to 'High of 75'. They are so creative and out there. I never knew how much I could relate to wheather.

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