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Written by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent

I don't wanna hear about it anymore
It's a shame I've got to live without you anymore
There's a fire in my heart
A pounding in my brain
It's driving me crazy

We don't need to talk about it anymore
Yesterday's just a memory
Can we close the door
I just made one mistake
I didn't know what to say when you called me baby

Don't say goodnight
Say you're gonna stay forever
Oh oo Oh, all the way

Can you take me high enough
To fly me over (fly me over) yesterday
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Can you take me high enough
It's never over
Yesterday's just a memory (yesterday's just a memory and)

I don't want to live without you anymore
Can't you see I'm in misery
And you know for sure
I would live and die for you
And I'd know just what to do when you call me baby

Don't say goodbye
Say you're gonna stay forever
Oh oo Oh, all the way

Can you take me high enough
Can you fly me over (fly me over) yesterday
Can you take me high enough
It's never over
Yesterday's just a memory, I'm running
I was running for the door
The next thing I remember
I was running back for more

Don't say goodbye
Say you're gonna stay forever
Oh oo Oh, all the way (all the way, all the way, yeah)

Can you take me high enough
Can you fly me over (fly me over) yesterday
Can you take me high enough
It's never over
Woh oo oh oo oh oo oh

Can you take me high enough
Won't you fly me over (won't you fly me over) yesterday
Can you take me high enough
It's never over
Woh oo oh oo oh oo oh

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Epic Classic Rock never to be bested | Reviewer: SweetPeach | 8/11/14

Damn Yankees rocked beyond the universe with High Enough. Listening to the extended studio version on Spotify today I'm reminded that Damn Yankees have had a great influence on a lot of today's rockers and HIGH ENOUGH is THE ANTHEM they all sing. Fekkin awesome

Memorable song | Reviewer: Rawbin | 3/17/13

Its a beautiful song. N i love the guitar s
olo so much. This song reminds me of my true love, her name is Thoibi. she's my ex n we used to love each other like hell. But who cares yesterday's just a memory. Bt i stil hope if ud fly me over yesterday.

Classic! | Reviewer: Chuckie | 11/13/10

This song is a classic and one of the best power ballads ever written. Combining the writing and vocals powers of Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades turned out very nicely for the Damn Yankees. Although I am glad they returned to their respective groups (Styx & Night Ranger), they sure as hell produced some great music over their two Damn Yankees albums. Not to mention Ted Nugent and Michael Cartellone. It's good to see that younger generations are finding this song now, through things like Rock of Ages and local cover bands. Rock on!

prang2x gurl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/10

this song is so nice, i never heard of this song before until my bf plays me ds song wd his guitar,. the song is very nice and also the lyrics.. he really made me HIGH ENOUGH.. how i wish we could be together forever!!! luv u prangs!

love and departure | Reviewer: nikki | 6/18/10

this song is so nice it always reminds me of my first love from middle school that i still like but unfortunateley we are going to separate high schools so sad for us his name is carlos and this song reminds of how were are and how childlish we were i can't believe people thought we were dumb but doesnt love make you do crazy things

Great song that moves you deeply | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/10

I heard this song for the first time yesterday during the Rock of Ages show in Toronto. God was it so nicely done! The stars of the show sang it so well with so much emotion that it left me with the strongest impression! Then I looked it up and found out it was from Damn Yankees! The original is absolutely wonderful! I couldn't stop listening to it!

I really like another song from Damn Yankees. It's "Where you're going now".

ROCK OF AGES | Reviewer: Mary | 4/27/09

Anyone who likes this song or era of music MUST MUST MUST go see Rock of Ages in NYC. It was AMAZING and there rendition of this song LITERALLY got a standing ovation in the middle of the show! GO SEE IT, I PROMISE ITS WORTH IT!

Classic Rock????? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/08

Let's reserve that term for that classic era of 1964 to 1980. Although I don't consider this song to be classic rock (90's rock on my ipod playlist) I do consider it a must have rock song on any playlist or library. I saw them in concert. The boys had to drag Uncle Ted from the stage pulling him by his shirt as he lay on the floor still rocking. Too bad they couldn't come up with more music and stay together.

Brilliant!! | Reviewer: Gadsya | 12/3/07

Yess!! Classic Rock tune!! for me one of the greates song ever .. i dedicated this song to my Boyfriend on our 1st year Aniverssary one and only Douglas Williams love you babe!

my college days...... | Reviewer: jojo ^ c***** | 11/29/07

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, i love this song very much.... it reminds me of my first and only love lena....... i love you so much babe always remember your the only girl who makes me know what love is.......

Wedding Song | Reviewer: Colin | 10/23/07

This was the song of my soon to be fiance Tamara and me. The song just described us so well at the time, it quickly became "our" song. The song means a great deal to me. But not as much as she does. I love my Tamara.

Oh my God!!! | Reviewer: Tatyana | 5/26/07

I am addicted to this song! It is soooo good! The guitar solo is fantastic and the vocals are breath taking! Rock on

I still remember | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/07

I heard this song on a plane in 1991.I was desperate to find it until I saw the video on a music channel.What a pleasure to hear it again!
The vocals are perfect and the mood of the song is really amazing.Enjoy!


great song! | Reviewer: doug snyder | 11/14/05

this is a great song! the screaming guitar by the Nuge is incredible! what do you expect from a group of megastars such as jack blades, tommy shaw, and the grandmaster ted?! wish they were still together!

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