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Hiding With Girls Biography

Last updated: 04/14/2005 09:46:38 PM

"[The Torino Scale] Combines just the right amount of rock grit and verve with accessible tones. An impressive album" (
Welcome to the world of HWG, one of Brighton's finest rock exports.

Formed in 2002, HWG - guitarists Stan and Russ, singer Leander, bassist Stacey and drummer Ryan - have spent the past three years developing their identity, exploring songwriting and leaping about the United Kingdom's dynamic circuit of venues under the banner of spreading the word and, somewhat controversially in this modern age, just having a good goddamn time. Having toured alongside the diverse likes of The Bled, Mad Capsule Markets, Boysetsfire, Christiansen and Alexisonfire, HWG strive to avoid allegiance with any specific niche, preferring to cross over and appeal to as many palettes as possible.

A sum that is greater than its parts, HWG's music is an energetic amalgamation of contradicting tastes and influences, granted gravity by the members' love for the catharsis of performance and the thrill of creativity; their manifesto simply to reflect these passions sincerely through their songs and live shows. 2004 saw the band release their debut full length 'The Torino Scale' via Mighty Atom Records, marking a new stage in HWG's songmanship. In some moments raw and kinetic ('Take Your Eyes Off The Blade', 'Good Scene/ Bad Scene'), in others epic and sing-along ('Disasters First Birthday', 'A Bad Situation Comedy'), 'The Torino Scale' (produced by Jochem Jacobs of acclaimed metal crew Textures) is nothing if not ambitious, though still but an experimental step on the band's musical journey.

Lead single 'Shortround' (due for release in spring 2005) is the album's pinnacle track. An effective coming together of every aspect of the HWG aesthetic, it is simultaneously discordant and laden with pop hooks; a great indication of where the band are headed in the future. Granted an audio re-imagining by acclaimed UK producer John Mitchell (Funeral For A Friend, Days In December, The Blueprint), 'Shortround' will have you intrigued and hooked, so just be sure to get involved.