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Plain White T's Hey There Delilah Lyrics

Last updated: 03/10/2014 06:41:02 AM

Hey there Delilah
What's it like in New York City
I'm a thousand miles away
But girl tonight you look so pretty
Yes you do
Times Square can't shine as bright as you
I swear it's true

Hey there Delilah
Don't you worry bout the distance
I'm right here if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice, it's my disguise
I'm by your side

Oh, it's what you do to me
Oh, it's what you do to me
Oh, it's what you do to me
Oh, it's what you do to me
What you do to me

Hey there Delilah
I know times are getting hard
But just believe me girl
Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar
We'll have it good
We'll have the life we knew we would
My word is good

Hey there Delilah
I've got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away
I'd write it all
Even more in love with me you'd fall
We'd have it all

Oh, it's what you do to me
Oh, it's what you do to me
Oh, it's what you do to me
Oh, it's what you do to me
What you do to me
What you do to me

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
And we'll just laugh along because
We know that none of them have felt this way

Delilah I can promise you
That by the time that we get through
The world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame

Hey there Delilah
You be good and you don't miss me
Two more years and you'll be done with school
And I'll be making history like I do

You know it's all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there Delilah here's to you
This one's for you

Oh, it's what you do to me
Oh, it's what you do to me
Oh, it's what you do to me
Oh, it's what you do to me
What you do to me

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Awesome | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/10/14

In 6th grade they was this girl and we got closer but two years later she moved away and we lost contact of each other but I never forgot her. One day when I was with another girl we had sex (without a condom) I felt I was with her and when we were thrusting I said her name but it wasnt her and the girl said I owe and she started sucking me off and once again I called her name and she cummed in my mouth and she called her mom and her mom jumped on my face and put her pussy on my face and I couldn't help but lick her and feel her and while we were doing that her daughter was thrusting into me. I'm saying this because I was listening to this song st the same time and I enjoyed it and forgot about the other girl

08/22/2013 | Reviewer: Lonely boy | 8/22/13

It makes me think what I have been doing, there was this girl that I have known since I was little, I moved and met her in 2nd grade, I know thats young, but the second I saw her I knew she was special,every year I was getting closer and closer to her, learning to love her even more and im going into first year of high school and im going to a different high school then her, I have been slowly drifting farther and farther away from her this summer and now we dont talk period, but I havnt stopped thinking about her, dreaming about her, because of her I cant date anyone else I feel like I'm cheating when I do, because all I do is think of her when I'm dating another girl

to my beloved | Reviewer: larry gantz | 8/25/12

owhh..this song so's amazing just,when hear this song,my soul be's amzing it....thsi song tell us always love his beloved even is distance so far away..but inside his heart,always be near with him....

Sadness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/12

This song reminds me of missed chances. I'd known her since seventh grade, but didn't really start talking to her until freshman year of high school. It took me all of four months to realize I couldn't live without her. This coincidentally happened to be the amount of time another guy took to ask her out. Then, in the summer, she moved to NYC. It's been a year and now I'm afraid I've lost her forever...

I miss you. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/12

This song it's like so epic. It reminds me that time when i was the Esteban's girl, he was down seeing his sick mother in Chile and i was here in California, we couldn't see each other for a very long time, but once he sang me this, changing some things about the lyric, and i swear i can still feel him next to me singing me that. It's been six months ago since he left California because of his mother, she died and we broke up, i still love him, like the very begin. He didn't want to left, and either to broke up with me, but we had to, i couldn't move there with him, and he was needing support.

I'm still reaching, even i know he's not there.

I love you Ben | Reviewer: Gracie | 3/29/12

This is my song, my boyfriend's and mine. <3 Every time I hear it I think of him. We haven't seen each other in over a year but we're already more in love than couples who see each other every day. I cry whenever I hear this song, I'm so lucky to have him and I miss him so much. This song means so much to me...Thank you for always being there for me Ben. I love you so much<3 Don't you worry about the distance, we will see each other this summer. I will count the days, you know I will. I'd wait a thousand years for one second of being with you. And once I see you again, I will sing this song and never ever leave your side...<3

so true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/12

This reminds of this girl i really liked but she was dating a softmore at the time (we're both freshmans) and i never got to tell her i feel because she just moved away last month and this reminds me of her. also @ joey jordison iz epic - it's not her fault she got transferred and broke up with you... things just get complicated :/

wow | Reviewer: joey jordison iz epic :ยท) | 1/22/12

this made me cry. my g.freind that went to my school but transfored. i was antisociel wen she left. but we broke up. now im dating her frend's cousin. we are 11. f&#* u christianne. ur ded to me. i luv death screemo metal. i also luv this song

mis u | Reviewer: ritz | 10/27/11

sm1 dedicated dis sng 2 me. I lvd'em alot. nd he ton. bt..due 2 sm irony v cnt b 2gethr. he z strng enough,so has movd on bt nt me..
wenvr I listn dis sng,it makes me cry cz he reminds me f'em singing dis sng in his own funny sweet nd lovable styl..:-(

calming | Reviewer: butters | 6/5/11

this song makes everything around me disapear. that happens with avenged sevenfold too, but not like i do here. i hear the song once it starts and i zone out. i am currently in love with a girl in eighth grade (im in seventh) and this song makes me dream of what could be and my desire for us to have a future together.

Sad Times | Reviewer: Man Missing Her | 4/19/11

I like heavy metal. Something with screams and banging...

But this song takes its toll. My partner just left for the North Island to study for 5 years whille Im a thousand K away in the South Island.

I miss the girl...

Nice happy song | Reviewer: Jazmyne | 3/21/10

I like this boy and he has been playing with me ( must i say i am in fourth grade he in my same class ) alot of kids been dating at my age which at first i thought was weird but i rly like him and this song makes me miss him i dont know if he likes me though he has been talking about this other girl and not me i dont know why?

ma best song | Reviewer: Leticia | 4/2/09

I really like this song big ups 2 plain white t's it just reminds me of my bf and i start crying whenever i listen to him since he is far away from me.I jst cant stop listening to it coz its so emotional.

wats up??!!??!!??!!??!!?? | Reviewer: baby gurl | 2/2/09

this song is really really cool i may have NEVER had a boyfriend so i cant say like most of you have"my boyfriend dedicated this song for me " i can't say that ! but i do really love this song i know every word in the song

2005??How could i missed it?? | Reviewer: Kamilqbo | 10/7/08

Its a very great song..a simple song shows a simply honest love..its great waiting for someone and its greater having someone we wait is waiting for us..but i just couldnt believe that this song was realesed in 2005 since i just knew the song from the TV, a superbike advertisement, which was only the "Ooh it's what you do to me" part..its a great song thax for my bro introducing this song