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Wanna tell you about the girl I love
My she looks so fine
She's the only one that I been dreamin' of
Maybe someday she will be all mine
I wanna tell her that I love her so
And thrill her with my every touch
I need to tell her she's the only one I really love

I got a woman, wanna bawl all day
I got a woman, she won't be true, no
I got a woman, stay drunk all the time
I said I got a little woman and she won't be true

Sunday morning when we go down to church
See the menfolks standin' in line
they say they come to pray to the Lord
but when my little girl, looks so fine
In the evening when the sun is sinkin' low
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Everybody's with the one they love
I walk the town, Keep a-searchin' all around
Lookin' for my street corner girl

I got a woman, wanna bawl all day, yeah
I got a woman, she won't be true, no no-ah
I got a woman, stay drunk all the time
I said I got a little woman and she won't be true

In the bars, with the men who play guitars
Singin', drinkin' and rememberin' the times
My little lover does the midnight shift
She fools around all of the time
I guess there's just one thing left for me to do
So I pack my bags and move on my way
'Cause I got a worried mind
Sharin' what I thought was mine
Gonna leave her where the guitars play

I got a woman, she won't be true, no no
I got a woman, wanna bawl all day yeah yeah, now now
I got a woman, stay drunk all the time
I got a little woman and she won't be true

(Hey hey what can I do)

I said she won't be true now

yeah no yeah yeah no yeah no yeah no


Keep on, Keep on, Keep on, Keep on, Keep on, Keep on, Keep on

Keep on, Keep on, Keep on, Keep on, Keep on, yeah, yeah

Ah boogie Ah boogie too, Ah boogie, ah boogie too

Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, oh yeah

(Oh lord, What can I say?)

Hey hey, what can I do
I got a woman, she won't be true
Lord, hear what I say
I got a woman, wanna ball all day

Keep on Keep on


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WTH? | Reviewer: SanDiegoSteve | 12/3/12

Why haven't these lyrics been corrected yet? Reviewer Al on 7/7/12 correctly stated that it's "ball" not "bawl." Also it's "ball around" not "fool around." Please keep the lyrics up to date and at least close to accurate.

It's "ball" not "bawl" | Reviewer: Al | 7/7/12

The lyrics listed above are wrong. It's "I got a woman wanna ball all day" . That's "ball" as in "have sex" not "bawl" as in cry. Also the line is, "My little lover does the midnight shift. She ball around all the time" not "fool around". The song is about a guy whose girl is cheating on him. He wants to have sex with her but she's out banging other guys. Dont try and censor the lyrics. Great song.

wannabes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/10

how can anyone call themselves a true zep fan without knowing the true history of this song..i dont have the exact dates but damn....it was released as a b-side single to immagrant song as an import realses to the us so was never offiaciaaly released to the states until they created the box set back in the day this was the hardest single release to find and own, and freakin expense i tried to get 1 had to special order the import for like 10 bucks

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/09

"Hey Hey What Can I Do" is a song by English rock group Led Zeppelin released in 1970 as the B-side of "Immigrant Song." It is Led Zeppelin's only non-album track released during the band's existence. It did however appear on the Atlantic Records UK various artists LP, The New Age of Atlantic, released in 1972. The song was first released on CD in October 1990 on the 4CD Led Zeppelin box set collection. In 1992, "Immigrant Song"/"Hey Hey What Can I Do" was released as a "vinyl replica" CD single. In 1993, "Hey Hey What Can I Do" was included on The Complete Studio Recordings 10 CD boxed set, as one of four bonus tracks on the Coda disc. The song is not included on the individual version of Coda. In 2007 Led Zeppelin released the track online along with the rest of their back catalogue. The song was also released as the B-side of the "Stairway To Heaven" 7" 45 RPM picture disc.

Hey Hey What Can I Do | Reviewer: Jake | 8/7/09

You tell him, Rick. Hahaha. Sounds like the Black Crows, hehehe. That's rich. I remember when The Black Crows first got on the radio I immediately liked them but they were an anachronism. They were about 2 decades late for their style of music. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Rock peaked in the late 60's early 70's for me. I only wish The Black Crows made more music. Very few bands have staying power anymore. Must have been something in the water in England from the 1940's on that produced all those Rock Gods. Maybe it was the pressure of WW2 that forged all those diamonds. Shine on you crazy diamonds!

The Black Crows?!?!?!?! | Reviewer: Rick | 5/3/09

Randy, if you wish to make a comparison of like sounding songs, generally the later song or artist (in this case, the Black Crows, formed in 1984) sound like Led Zeppelin, which undoubtedly has influenced many bands that have formed since the 70s.

This song's great, but kinda like Black Crows | Reviewer: Randy | 3/4/09

It's not on my copy of Coda either, but I did manage to find a 2 song CD called a Back trax, (looks like an old 45). As mentioned, it is side b of Immigrant Song. Until I found it, I thought you had to buy that box set from a decade ago. I thought it had a couple of unreleased songs in it, and that this was one of them.

He Ain't No Idiot | Reviewer: VoR | 1/18/08

It was on the Age of Atlantic, exactly as described. It's not on my copy of Coda released in 1982.

So how much do you think a vinyl copy of Age of Atlantic is worth?

wow | Reviewer: steven | 12/23/07

great song. and the one dude who said it was released on the b side of immigrant song is right, just letting everyone know.

btw get the complete studio recordings... well worth it.

this song kicks ass | Reviewer: tyler paulson | 11/29/07

fuckin idiots, how can you call yourselves Led Zeppelin fans, this was released as the b-Side of the Immigrant Song, however not on the album Led Zeppelin III

Original release of "Hey Hey What Can I Do" | Reviewer: Neil Jackson | 11/18/07

There are 17 comments thus far on this site regarding Led Zep's song "Hey Hey What Can I Do" yet nobody has got it right. The first time this was realeased on a vynil LP in the UK was in 1972. The album was called "The New Age of Atlantic", serial number K20024, and this was the first track on side one. Other Atlantic artists feaured on this sampler album included Yes (America), John Prine (Sam Stone), Buffalo Springfield (Bluebird), the J Geils Band (I Don't Need You No More) and Delaney & Bonnie (Only You Know and I Know). The cover picture on the album showed an air-brush drawing of a hot-rod racer gushing flames from the exhaust.

For this simple piece of well-researched information, I think somebody should send me a ticket to the Led Zep show at the O2 Arena this December.

Coda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/07

If you are wondering, Led Zeppelin released this song amongst other b sides on the album "Coda" in 1982 after the band broke up.

it wasnt on an album | Reviewer: iggy | 9/16/07

this song wasnt released on an album just to let everyone know.
i think it was released early though, like in 69-70.


Awesome tune | Reviewer: Chris | 8/28/07

How the hell do you pick a favorite LFZ tune?!?!?
Very carefully, that's how.
This would be it.
I've wondered so long what album this was on. My son & I have been searching.
Thanks for the info, all!!!

hey hey what can i do | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/07

never heard this song but i want to... i have just about every led zeppelin cd and ever made and same on vinyls and cassets im sure its just as kick a$$ as every led zeppelin song is they rock....best band ever!

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