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R.E.M. Hey, Hey, Nadine (a.k.a. Small Town Girl) Lyrics

Last updated: 02/28/2000 10:11:55 PM

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(chorus 1)
Pretty blond hair singing as she walks
China-like smile bitchin' as she talks
Dangerous eyes on a small town girl
Seen everything all around the world
If I could only let her see my way
Maybe we should spin a watch all day
In a place far away from here

(repeat chorus 1)

(chorus 2)
Hey, hey, Nadine (she's such good girl)
Hey, hey, Nadine (got me in a whirl)
Hey, hey, Nadine (she's okay)

(repeat chorus 1)

(repeat chorus 2)

(repeat chorus 1)

(repeat chorus 2 2x)

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