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Waterdeep Hey, Hey, Hey Lyrics

Last updated: 11/26/2003 01:53:10 AM

I been plumbing the depths with a plumber friend of mine.
We been takin' the time to break the bread and drink the wine.
I been gathering wisdom I can give away.
I been gettin' ready for the final day.
Hey, Hey, that's me gettin' ready for the final day.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
it's a day.
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
i'm okay,
cause You're comin' my way
someday soon.

I been listenin' to a lot of rock 'n' roll,
but I been more concerned with the state of my soul.
So I'm ridin' on a horse named Jesus
across the river of death to the land of whole.
Been talkin' a lot about silence,
and tryin' to avoid gettin' in a prideful way.

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