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The Mamas & the Papas Hey Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 05/13/2002 10:42:23 PM

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(John Phillips-Michelle Phillips)
Hey, girl, I know he抯 put you down
For every new love that he has found.
Hey, girl, I know your feelin? sad---
Sad and blue.
And you think the trouble抯 not in him;
The trouble抯 in you. (No!)

I know he抯 only tryin? to score.
I抳e seen him, I抳e seen him breakin? hearts before.
Don抰 try to put him down.
(Don抰 let him get you down.)
He抯 the boy I want around
(He抯 not the only boy around)
And you---you shouldn抰 be so blue.

I know there抣l be another time.
But I抣l be his.
(No, you抣l be mine.)
Hey, girl, although your feelin? sad...
(I抦 sad! I抦...)
Sad and blue!
Just remember while your feelin? bad,
I抦 waiting for you, yeah.

Don抰 try to put him down!
(Don抰 let him get you down)
He抯 the boy I want around and you.
(You know I抣l always be around.)
And you---you shouldn抰 be so blue.

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